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OPINION:So Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla is the mastermind behind the looting of poor women’s monies at SWEET?

Thursday, 8th February, 2024

Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thulisile Dladla,the then Board Chairperson of the now defunct Swaziland Women Economic Empowerment Trust(SWEET) investment scheme is indeed, the mastermind behind the looting of the monies belonging to poor women.

It is very disturbing to note that,Thuli Dladla has been claiming ignorance and innocence after the scandal erupted

Even before we reach the Queen Mother Ntombi Tfwala, Thuli Dladla and former Central Bank Deputy Governor Sibongile Mdluli should account for the monies on the basis that,they were entrusted by the Queen to manage the SWEET investment scheme.

But King Mswati’s mother Queen Ntombi Tfwala cannot be ‘divorced’ from this scandal where millions of public funds were looted, she is the one who assembled these alleged women thieves for the systematic looting, the monies were looted from widows and other vulnerable women.

Thuli Dladla was the Chairperson of the Parliament Public Accounts Committee(PAC), it is only now that we have known her true character and alleged involvement in corruption, at PAC she was focusing on Headteachers while powerful people like SwaziPharm Director Kareem Ashraff were looting millions of public funds resulting to the health crisis.

Knowing her vibrancy while working as PAC Chairperson, members of the public particularly women,had confidence in her and after her inclusion as a Director of the SWEET investment scheme, they deposited their monies in confidence.

But unfortunately, like all politicians, Thuli Dladla had her own corrupt side and it was re-activated after the monies were deposited.

Well, I did a research about DPM Thulisile Dladla while she was working as a Headteacher before moving to Sebenta Institute where she was the Director, it was a grave mistake to have Thuli Dladla as one of the SWEET Directors.

Now, poor women have been defrauded their monies, their hopes for a better life have been betrayed by people to whom they placed their absolute trust considering the involvement of the Queen Mother Ntombi Tfwala.

But,this should be a lesson to all women and all citizens, anything with a “royal” tag cannot be entirely trusted in this country and this, include insurance and agriculture companies among others.

The problem started when King Mswati and his mother involved themselves in business yet in terms of the law, they cannot be prosecuted.

OPINION:So Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla is the mastermind behind the looting of poor women’s monies at SWEET?
DPM Thulisile Dladla being sworn-in by Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo.