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OPINION:Why did Indlovukazi influence the appointment of Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla after stealing millions belonging to poor women at SWEET?.

Saturday, 10th February, 2024

Just like Russell Mmiso Dlamini who was appointed as Prime Minister(PM) after stealing over R180million at the National Disaster Management Agency(NDMA),former Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee(PAC) Thulisile Dladla was rewarded with a political position as Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) after looting millions belonging to poor women within the now defunct Swaziland Women Economic Empowerment Trust(SWEET).

It is now clear that, King Mswati and his mother Ntombi Tfwala are the incubators of corruption,two(2) powerful individuals in Russell Mmiso Dlamini and Thuli Dladla with a clear record of corruption are now in-charge of Government and billions of public funds.

Even though at this juncture, we don’t have direct evidence linking Queen Ntombi Tfwala in the looting of the SWEET public monies but, there are possibilities that, political thieves like Thuli Dladla withdrew the money and handed it over to Their Majesties as “tetfulo” in briefcases.

Mswati spoke about fighting corruption in his speech from the Throne and one wonders how can this be possible if the King himself is corrupt to the core and those around him are imitating their master.

Russell Mmiso Dlamini and Thuli Dladla are holding the position of PM and DPM ‘respectively’, because they were able to steal public funds, this is the only qualification for one to climb the political ladder.

As the investigation into the stealing of public funds at SWEET continues, Indlovukazi’s name cannot be entirely divorced from this scandal,Thuli Dladla is her alleged political thief who oversees her projects including Sibane Hotel and Mswati appointed Thuli as per Indlovukazi’s recommendation.

This country is suffering from corruption marred by an epidemic culture of impunity where the influential, powerful and politically connected loot public funds without fear of being arrested and/or held accountable.

The SWEET scandal and the disappearance of public funds erupted before the appointment of the current Cabinet and the question is; why did the King and Indlovukazi appointed Thuli Dladla as Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) while poor women including widows were crying about the disappearance of their monies?.

It was surprising to see Mswati,an incubator of corruption speaking about fighting corruption,we are yet to see if the law enforcement agencies will take action against those looting public funds.

But in conclusion, let me remind the reader about the story of Khabonina Mabuza, the former Principal Secretary(PS) in the Ministry of Finance.

Mabuza was questioned by the Parliament Public Accounts Committee(PAC)around May 2014 about the disappearance of R208million from public coffers, she first tried to be evasive but eventually spoke the truth suggesting that,the money was transferred to Labadzala(countries authorities).

The PS was fired for failing to protect the King and Queen in the looting and the Times of eSwatini was forced to publish an apology to Labadzala for publishing what was discussed in Parliament in broad daylight.

So King Mswati was speaking ‘nonsense’ when declaring war against corruption, he must play with his children or grandchildren not the Nation.

Why was Thuli Dladla appointed as DPM if the fight against corruption is taken seriously in this country?.

OPINION:Why did Indlovukazi influence the appointment of Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla after stealing millions belonging to poor women at SWEET?.
Queen Ntombi Tfwala.