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ANALYSIS:King Mswati’s Government must release monies to fund the University of eSwatini(UNESWA),pay Lecturers decent salaries.

Monday, 19th February, 2024

As the media,we would be failing in our duties if we can keep quiet amid the financial crisis within the University of eSwatini(UNESWA), that is threatening the economic stability of this country.

This is a serious crisis that should be prioritized by the media at least until government or King Mswati release the public monies to fund education particularly,the University of eSwatini.

Firstly,we must understand that,the financial crisis within the institution of higher learning came after government reduced the subversion,UNESWA has been, over the years,struggling to financially breathe.

Failing to provide adequate resources to the institution of higher learning including monies to pay decent salaries for Lecturers means, the country risk being dominated with individuals who are qualified only on paper with no capacity to compete in the global economy driven or influenced by the fourth Industrial Revolution.

This crisis is not about Vice Chancellor(VC) Justice Tfwala,Registrar Dr. Salebona Simelane or the Senate failure to manage the University, there’s overwhelming evidence here suggesting political sabotage and this,is very unfortunate.

We must not watch our country being destroyed by political thieves,monies must be released by Mswati’s Government to fund the University.

The University is not a private business for the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar and the entire Management but,this is a public institution under the Ministry of Education and Training. 

We will not blame the UNESWA Management on this crisis, unless we receive evidence suggesting that, Government released the monies and the Management looted same.

On Monday afternoon, I personally call the Times of eSwatini Director Paul Loffler and lobbied him that we must prioritize the UNESWA financial crisis.

Well,I am happy because we aggrieved that,this is crisis that we should address,we might be in competition with Times but,what I like about the Times owner is that we always speak about things that will benefit our country.

It is part of the media’s mandate to take a position on issues threatening the future of the country and collectively work towards addressing same.

Politics is a contestation but,on issues like this,we must speak in one voice in the interest of our country because after all and regardless of our political differences,our main interest is that we must all protect,is the country.

The UNESWA financial crisis should be giving us sleepless nights,if we care about the future of our children.

We have a University with no resources,Lecturers complaining about salaries but,we expect quality education, qualified and skilled human resources.

ANALYSIS:King Mswati’s Government must release monies to fund the University of eSwatini(UNESWA),pay Lecturers decent salaries.
Education Minister Owen Minister, Vice Chancellor Justice Tfwala and others during a donation.