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OPINION:A corrupt King who smiles with David Van Niekerk,an alleged R340million Escponent thief.

Tuesday, 20th February, 2024

King Mswati met and smiled with alleged R340million Escponent thief David Van Niekerk on Thursday at the Lozitha Palace,only for his Spokesperson Percy Simelane to tell the media that contents of the meeting between the two(2)alleged thieves remain confidential.

It is surprising that King Mswati can hold a meeting with the South Africa businessman who is a subject of court proceedings for allegedly looting millions belonging to emaSwati and subsequently fail to account.

The presumption of innocence until proven guilty principle in terms of criminal law, should not be manipulated to evade accountability because on a balance of probabilities,David Van Niekerk is an alleged corrupt thief whose meeting with the Head of State remain highly questionable.

It is a known fact that,the King is above the law in this country with criminal prosecution immunity and therefore,when Mswati meets a person who is accused of looting public funds and in the absence of clear answers with regards to the purpose of the said meeting,we have a reason to believe or conclude,that person or alleged thief,was there to seek prosecution immunity.

King’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane told this publication that,the King operates with an open door policy and in my view,an open door policy must be in line with the principles of transparency and/or accountability.

It should be noted that here,we are seeking accountability of the public power currently vested upon King Mswati in his capacity as the Head of State and a public figure.

A meeting between businessman Dave Van Niekerk and the King cannot be confidential because these are public figures whose handling of public funds automatically limit their right to privacy.

David ‘Dave’ Van Nielkerk is facing serious accusations and for him to be seen with the King remains suspicious.

The word ‘confidential’ does not feature anywhere in the context of the meeting between King Mswati and David Van Niekerk.

This was not a romantic dinner or lunch between King Mswati and his wife Sibonelo Mngometulu or Nomsa Matsebula but,a Head of State met a South African powerful businessman who stands accused of stealing R340million belonging to emaSwati.

But without suggesting that the meeting was to grant David Van Niekerk protection so he can evade accountability in the R340million Escponent scandal where emaSwati lost their investment,perhaps it is important to warn King Mswati to refrain from meeting suspected thieves like David ‘Dave’ Van Niekerk.

But,this suggestion is only relevant if King is not a political thief himself because if that’s the case,as we reasonably believe,he will always meet his alleged corrupt friends.

OPINION:A corrupt King who smiles with David Van Niekerk,an alleged R340million Escponent thief.
King Mswati and David Van Niekerk(pic: Supplied).