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International Labour Organization(ILO) experts conduct Business Eswatini induction on corporate governance.

Wednesday, 21st February, 2024

MBABANE:Mvuselelo Fakudze, the Business Eswatini President was among other members of the Board who participated in an induction facilitated by the International Labour Organization(ILO).

Others include Business Eswatini Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Nathie  Dlamini and other high profile people within the business sector.

In an online report published on Wednesday, the Business Eswatini stated that, upholding the highest standards of corporate governance within the Federation of Employers “is paramount for fostering trust, credibility, and sustainability" in its operations. 

“As the apex body representing employers and the business community, Business Eswatini's adherence to stringent governance principles ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct across its member organizations. This ensures that BE is well-poised to stand as the epitome for integrity and dependability in a manner that creates value for its constituents and the nation at large.The ILO has flown in to capacitate the Business Eswatini Board on the ILO conventions and governance principles in order to deepen the board’s knowledge on the new standards of the world of work, especially against the backdrop of the 4th Industrial Revolution which is accelerating structural changes in labour practices in the workplace. Another aspect to be covered by the exercise is that of the board’s capacity to play its function of oversight on the activities of the secretariat and that of the board’s understanding of the environment in which the secretariat operates at a much deeper level”,reads the Business Eswatini online report.

Addressing the induction,Mvuselelo Fakudze,acknowledged the viable partnership that the organization have enjoyed with the International Labour Organization(ILO) for many years. He said the ILO have proved to be dependable partners even in the worst of times and most importantly, they hold the best interests of the private sector, and indeed the country at heart. He thanked them for all the support they had provided on the capacitation of the board and for the technical expertise they have extended to BE in other areas. He said, this ensures that the advocacy mandate placed upon BE is supported by well distilled expertise and is consistent with the best interests of employers and those of the country in general.

Leading the delegation of the ILO is Ms. Maria Machailo-Molebatsi who is the Senior Specialist Employer Activities. She expressed delight in the collaboration that the ILO have with Business Eswatini and, by extension, the whole business community of the country. “Our relationship with Business Eswatini dates years back and as the ILO it pleases us that the viable collaboration has not only been growing but has also been yielding exponential benefits for the constituencies we serve. Upholding the highest ethical standards and observing best practices in the areas of corporate governance is crucial for Business Eswatini as the mouthpiece for the business community in the country. We are pleased with the manner in which BE has complied with their corporate governance over the years and as a result, we have offered to support the incoming board of directors to ensure that they are able to keep up with the unimpeachable track record that BE has” she said.

International Labour Organization(ILO) experts conduct Business Eswatini induction on corporate governance.
International Labour Organization(ILO) experts conduct Business Eswatini induction on corporate governance.