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LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Please help me get my money from 8Bet.

Sunday, 25th February, 2024

I’m not quite sure if it’s MTN or 8bet, what happened is; yesterday I had R670.00 in my Mobile Money account and R184.00 184 in my 8bet account.

When I woke up this morning I tried to withdraw from my Mobile Money account,I realized that I was left with only R7.00 and when I called MTN they told me the money was deposited into my 8bet account at around 1am and 2am.

Then I asked them by who because I was asleep that time and I stay with minor kids(6 and 3years-old).

But after receiving information from MTN that the money was deposited to 8bet,I then enquired from 8bet to find out what happened only to find that even the money I had on 8bet had disappeared,only R1.95 was left in my account.

I’ve been calling both companies since morning,no one is willing to help me get my money back.

I have seen the Swaziland News helping others, please help me.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Please help me get my money from 8Bet.
MTN CEO Wandile Mtshali and senior Managers Sam Shongwe and Gciniwe Fakudze.