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Ex-Minister Ntuntuko’s leaked Whatsap messages: The dramatic land dispute shooting and the names of deceased.

Monday, 7th September, 2020

LAMGABHI: DEVELOPING STORY: Whatsap messages leaked to this publication belonging to former Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuntuko Dlamini disclose how he allegedly shoot and kill a former police officer and a community police from Luyengo in a dramatic land dispute at LamGabhi on Monday.
This disclosure comes after this Swaziland News exclusively reported on Monday afternoon how the former Minister shoot and kill two residents in a land dispute at LaMgabhi eBhunya.
Charles Malinga, the LaMgabhi Umphakatsi Secretary confirmed the matter when reached for comments earlier by this Swaziland News on Monday afternoon, he said the former Minister was currently in talks with police after the unfortunate incident.
“Yes, it’s true, two people have died, we are facing a land dispute here, Ntuntuko is currently with the police. Senifuna kusifaka emaphepheni vele?” said the LaMgabhi Secretary.
But it appeared in the whatsap messages shared to this publication few hours after the incident that the former Minister knew the names of the deceased and one resident currently critical in hospital.
“Yes, the three are Simon Shongwe former police officer, Simon Dlamini liphoyisa lemmango wase Luyengo and Tsabedze who is the chief’s runner from Luyengo. Shongwe and Tsabedze died on the spot . Simon was carrying a knobkerrie, he came running at me. I shot one bullet on the air but he continued to come close to me then I shot the hand which was carrying the knobkerrie. Shongwe shot at me but missed me, I turned to him. I shot him on the chest then shot Tsabedze who was coming at me before I turned back to Shongwe again to finish him off. I took his gun which had 5 bullets to report to the police” read the leaked whatsap messages allegedly belonging to the former Minister.
Eswatini Police Spokesperson had not responded to our questions at the time of compiling this report.
But police sources told this publication that another resident remains in a critical condition after being shoot allegedly by the former Minister.
“So far two residents have been confirmed dead and he might face three charges of murder should the third one die” said the police insider close to the matter.



Ex-Minister Ntuntuko’s leaked Whatsap messages: The dramatic land dispute shooting and the names of deceased.
Leaked Ex-Minister Ntuntuko's messages