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OPINION:Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo contributing interesting chapters about my book,the first PRO to clash with the King’s Office.

Saturday, 2nd March, 2024

One of my younger fathers at home Bongani ‘Kabasa’ Dlamini once wrote a drama play(Umdlalo weMoya) for the State owned radio titled “Intsandzane Lenhle nguMakhotfwa nguNina” based on a true story. 

The main characters in the drama were Colani and Gambulane,Kabasa grew-up at Nkamanzi next to Zombodze,he is the son of Prince Mgcobeni,a brother to my grandfather Prince Mgungu.

Bongani Kabasa Dlamini was a very creative man in our family,when he grew-up he saw his mother iNkhosikati LaKhumalo abusing his brother Gambulane who was born out of wedlock,he decided to write uMdlalo weMoya(radio drama) based on a true story that was happening within our family.

The story or drama became popular on National Radio such that even today, some refer to a neglected child born out of wedlock as Gambulane.

Kabasa inspired me to become a writer and indeed,I ended-up writing radio drama plays (Imidlalo yeMoya) for the State owned radio, most of our drama scripts were based on personal experiences at home and within the communities as we come from the big family of Prince Msimudze.

INkhosikati LaKhumalo died recently and maybe one can thank her neighbour former Minister Lutfo Dlamini who made sure she receives a decent funeral,this is one aspect of our uniqueness as emaSwati because we are inter-related regardless of our political differences.

As Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo continues to create confusion on Government policies,maybe one day one will publish a book or drama play about one of the most stupid and clueless Public Relations Officers(PRO) in the history of this country.

It should be noted that,for the first time,we saw the King’s Office opposing a decision from Cabinet after a Government Spokesperson attempted to ban a journalist.

The book will be very interesting should the United States(US) impose the targeted sanctions against the King because Nxumalo stated that, the King and the country was not afraid of sanctions.

As a writer who is busy preparing a book that is obviously delayed by the recent dramatic events which I feel must be included for future generations to know what happened.

We need producers who can produce a drama about Alpheous Nxumalo’s stupidity.

Nxumalo has a very interesting side but stupid character as well, he doesn’t think before he talks, he thinks he can ban a journalist and dictate to the whole population to keep quiet while the independent media continues to publish stories that threatens the integrity of some public figures.

King Mswati tried to negotiate with the United States(US) to stop the looming sanctions because the King, as a Head of State fully understands what sanctions mean particularly because he holds various accounts with international banks.

Now, here is a stupid man hired by his Government and telling the US to go ahead and impose the targeted sanctions.

When I grew-up, my grandmother used to send me to our family’s neighbors to ask for salt or mealie-meal(kwenanisa luswayi noma imphuphu) and one day, one of the neighbors complained to me that we were consistently asking same(lo-Gogo wakho akadzinwa lokwe-nanisa onkhe lamalanga).

When I told my grandmother what the neighbor said, she warned me not ever again tell her such things that might create tension between her and the neighbor, she said; “utsite ubongitjela yini noma soyaphapha ufuna kusicabanisa, letinye tintfo tiyembatsiswa”.

Maybe Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo did not grow-up with such memories of being taught how to behave and handle certain critical information.He might have heard during meetings that, the King or Cabinet was complaining that the US was interfering on eSwatini political affairs by using threats of sanctions and went on to make that reckless statement publicly.

Actually, there’s a way to handle issues that were discussed behind closed doors when you go public, Nxumalo clearly missed a childhood opportunity to be told that, awutikhulumi tintfo letitawucabanisa live netinini talo.

It should be noted that some of us,have different political views to that of the King and his Government but, I don’t think any sane LiSwati wish to see this country being sanctioned because it’s difficult to reverse the social and economic damage of such decisions. 

But then, as a writer I’ve seen an opportunity to include a chapter in my book about Alpheous Nxumalo, I’ve never seen such a stupid Spokesperson ever since I became a journalist.

A Government Spokesperson who is failing to understand that, when a Spokesperson for a Head of State takes a position, that means he was mandated by his boss.

No Head of State can employ a Spokesperson and order him to keep quiet while the independent media is publishing critical stories about him, Percy Simelane's duty is to defend King Mswati.

It is for these reasons I am saying Alpheous Nxumalo is a very stupid Spokesperson and we might need to document his stupid character so that other PROs can learn and avoid repeating his mistakes.

OPINION:Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo contributing interesting chapters about my book,the first PRO to clash with the King’s Office.
Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.