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OPINION:MPs are correct,efforts to fight corruption must start with the removal of Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.

Wednesday, 6th March, 2024

While holding the judiciary accountable, Members of Parliament(MPs) must be very careful of the dangerous Chief Justice(CJ) Bheki Maphalala, who might use and/or manipulate the law to target them. 

Allen Steward, the then Lobamba MP was sent to prison after he criticized the Chief Justice inside Parliament, Maphalala allegedly went to ‘shelves’ and revived his attempted murder case dating back to over ten(10) years and subsequently sent behind bars.

Parliament have all the powers to hold the judiciary accountable but,MPs must be united in this otherwise, the Chief Justice might strike anytime.

Politics and the game of power is very dangerous, it ruled through the law of the jungle, it’s either “you consume or you are consumed”.

Maphalala is a corrupt and dangerous judicial bully whose removal is long overdue, all the efforts of fighting corruption will not succeed because he has all the powers to release the corrupt including his alleged friend SwaziPharm Kareem Ashraff.

Recently, a Judge dropped a case involving the shortage of drugs in public hospitals saying his life was in danger,well that was a strategy to sabotage and stay away from cases involving Kareem Ashraff.

We saw Judge Mumcy Dlamini being provided with security, soldiers were deployed to camp at her home so she can deal with convicted pro-democracy MPs Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube despite serious threats during the political unrest.

What prevented the State from providing security to the said Judge handling the drugs shortage case?.

Well, we are facing a serious problem with the judicial capture but any MP who will touch Bheki Maphalala must  know that, the CJ is very dangerous and capable of playing a dirty political game.

I am stating this because I am fully aware that, Bheki Maphalala has been involved even in the South African case against Swaziland News, he is colluding with Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo,Kareem Ashraff and others who are evading accountability.

The case has been faced as “King against editor” but there are others who are also pushing their political interests with the case, because the existence of the independent media is a threat to them and their corrupt dealings.

Therefore, MPs must be very careful when dealing with the alleged corrupt CJ, you may find a police officer arresting you for a traffic offense and be sent to prison, not knowing that, the Chief Justice is striking from behind.

Maphalala can do anything to stay in power and it’s a pity because he is undermining the integrity of the justice system.

It’s very important to understand how Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala operates before you can even challenge him, former Lobamba MP Allen Steward is behind bars as you read this article, he challenged the CJ yet he had a pending attempted murder case.

The case was not handled by Bheki Maphalala but another Judge, however, he was convicted after criticising the CJ in Parliament and some of us are fully what happened. 

As a journalist who is wanted dead by the State, it is for these reasons I am doing everything I can not to fall at the hands of the corrupt Chief Justice by appearing in his court.

The CJ would be happy to see my head delivered in a silver plate after all the critical articles against him.

Maphalala is the same alleged corrupt Judge,who demonstrated hostility against the media by imposing a two hundred thousand Rands(R200,000.00) fine against senior editor Bheki Makhubu and the Nation Magazine merely for being held accountable.

In this country, we are made to believe that it is only Mswati who is dangerous NO, the network of individuals with major corrupt interests within the system is very wide.

The MPs who are challenging the Chief Justice must calculate because once they miss the target, Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala will get them one-by-one.

OPINION:MPs are correct,efforts to fight corruption must start with the removal of Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.
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