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SWAZIPHARM DIRECTOR KAREEM ASHRAFF:Retiring Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo going nowhere,that is my boy!

Monday, 11th March, 2024

MBABANE:Kareem Ashraff, the powerful and politically connected SwaziPharm Director allegedly told some Cabinet Ministers to ensure that,retiring Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo gets a new contract.

Nxumalo recently released an online statement trying to clean Ashraff who is a subject of the ongoing investigation into the shortage of drugs in public hospitals,after the freezing of his accounts by some local banks.

“Government wishes to state categorically clear that it never had problems with working with SwaziPharm as the supplier of drugs.Even through the difficult period of drugs shortages in Government hospitals, SwaziPharm continued as is today,to supply Government with drugs irrespective of some accumulative unpaid invoices. And as of yesterday, government honored some of the invoices with payments to the tune of 9million Emalangeni and also working on a letter of comfort to one of the company’s bankers who had reacted by putting pressure to the company as a result of the perception that government is having challenges with the company. Secondly, government wishes to put  it on record that SwaziPharm has never been a subject of investigations on its dealings with government.Finally, government takes this opportunity to express her regret at the bad publicity that might have generated as a result of the acute misinterpretation of events with regard to SwaziPharm as a business in general and as a strategic supplier of importance to government”, said the Government Spokesperson in his online statement. 

Now,sources alleged that Ashraff is vigorously trying to return a favour by pushing for Alpheous Nxumalo’s new contract,the powerful and politically connected Swazipharm Director enjoys allegedly control over Cabinet and other institutions of the State.

Both Nxumalo and Ashraff had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

On another note, Ashraff is alleged to have contacted some Cabinet Ministers ordering them to assist Nxumalo with the new contract, the Government Spokesperson is highly expected to vacate office in the next two(2)weeks.

SWAZIPHARM DIRECTOR KAREEM ASHRAFF:Retiring Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo going nowhere,that is my boy!
Alpheous Nxumalo-Government Spokesperson.