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OPINION:Is King Mswati now an uncontrollable alcoholic drunkard(Sidzakwa)?.

Wednesday, 13th March, 2024

When a Head of State publicly organizes a ceremony that confirms that, he is or might be an uncontrollable alcoholic drunkard(Sidzakwa),we have a reason to doubt his decisions or credibility.

Honestly,we deserve answers about the significance of the so called Buganu ceremony particularly because,this alcohol drinking festival is receiving mileage from the media.

As the editor or a journalist,I am one of those who publish Buganu stories because I don’t believe in censoring news or imposing my opinions and believes that might deprive the public access to information.

But I’ve been analyzing this ceremony and the damage it might cause to the future of children who watch this nonsense.

Drinking alcohol is meant for adults and there are certain rules that must be followed because the truth is; there are consequences of drinking alcohol.

Now, we have King Mswati, a whole Head of State and his mother Ntombi Tfwala who came-up with an idea of organizing married women just to drink traditional alcohol, they call this rubbish ‘Eswatini culture’ or Lisiko.

It should be noted that, public funds are allegedly used to sustain the King’s alcohol drinking ceremony at the time when the country is struggling with a health and education crisis.

The question is; how can this country develop with two(2) alleged Tidzakwa(alcoholic drunkards) sitting on the Throne with no future development ideas for the country except to drink alcohol and speak nonsense?.

Alcohol by its nature captures and controls the mind, it also enhances a sexual desire and therefore, in terms of development,there’s little if nothing at all, that can come from that Buganu ceremony.

As mentioned, adults are allowed to consume alcohol but they have a moral obligation to ensure that children are not exposed to alcohol consumption.

But emaSwati are tricked and made to believe that such an immoral event is part of eSwatini culture.

I am a proud Liswati who loves culture but I’m not convinced that, organizing married women to drink alcohol is part of eSwatini culture, maybe Mswati can convince me otherwise.

The only problem we have in this country is that, we are led by alleged Tidzakwa who want to impose their alcohol drinking lifestyle to the Nation,without considering the consequences to the future of our children who watch this nonsense on State TV and social media.

The Throne was never meant for uncontrollable alcoholic drunkards(Tidzakwa),this country will never develop because what is flashing in Mswati’s mind is alcohol amid shortage of drugs in public hospitals and the education crisis.

OPINION:Is King Mswati now an uncontrollable alcoholic drunkard(Sidzakwa)?.
King Mswati.