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HEALTH MINISTER MDUDUZI MATSEBULA:Rotary Family to provide health services at Shiselweni.

Thursday, 14th March, 2024

MBABANE:Mduduzi Matsebula,the Minister of Health says, the Rotary Family will offer free health services to residents of Shiselweni from the 18th to the 21st March 2024, Government online platforms reported on Thursday.

The Minister was speaking when launching the Rotary Family Health Days, an outreach project that seeks to provide free medical health services to selected communities in Eswatini and the Shiselweni Region has been selected for this year’s project.

“The Rotary Health Days will take place at three centres in the Shiselweni Region, namely Jericho Clinic, Zombodze Clinic and Eqinisweni Primary School. The services to be delivered will include medical consultations, screening and testing for various diseases such as NCDs, HIV/TB, STIs, Cervical Cancer, Voluntary Male Circumcision, and Dental Care, amongst others.Government has worked with Rotary in supporting Rotary’s medical programs over the past 15 years, and we are proud to continue the partnership even this year. As a Ministry, we truly believe in the strength of Public Private Partnerships for enhancing service delivery to reach even more communities.I urge the people in the surrounding communities to use the health services that are coming closer to their doorsteps for free. The saying that 'Prevention is better than cure' is so true, we should not wait until we are in pain, but we must know our numbers so that disease control can be started early for better outcomes”, said the Health Minister.

HEALTH MINISTER MDUDUZI MATSEBULA:Rotary Family to provide health services at Shiselweni.
Health Minister Mduduzi Matsebula and members of Rotary Family.