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PROVIDENT FUND BOARD CHAIRPERSON MDUDUZI GINA:We are consulting on Labour Minister’s letter.

Tuesday, 19th March, 2024

MBABANE: Mduduzi Gina, the Board Chairperson of the Eswatini National Provident Fund(ENPF) has confirmed receipt of the letter from Labour Minister Phila Buthelezi directing the Board to seek permission from the Ministry before approving investments.

As reported by this Swaziland News on Monday evening, the Labour Minister wrote to the Board questioning the Government parastatal’s investment with Unifoods while directing that, the Ministry must be consulted on future investments.

“I know the letter,and the Board is still consulting on its contents.We shall also be discussing same with the Minister to get an appreciation of the practical implementation of it”, said the Board Chairperson when responding to editor Zweli Martin Dlamini.

But the intended interference was condemned by Wander Mkhonza, the Secretary General(SG) of the Amalgamated Trade Union of Swaziland(ATUSWA) who accused the Labour Minister of trying to micro-manage while interfering with the duties of the Board.

“That Provident Fund has a Board and it is the Board that must oversee the operations of the entity not the Minister.The Labour Minister cannot appoint a Board and then micro-manage or stand on top of the Board’s shoulders so he can see what they are doing, the Board has been entrusted to lead the Provident  Fund. We want to remind the Minister that, the funds held by the Provident Fund belong to workers, it is the workers who must have a bigger voice in the operations of that entity not Government or the Minister”, said the ATUSWA Secretary General.

PROVIDENT FUND BOARD CHAIRPERSON MDUDUZI GINA:We are consulting on Labour Minister’s letter.
The Provident Fund Offices(pic: Provident Fund).