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OPINION:Why arrest ex-FSRA CEO Sandile Dlamini after he launched an investigation into the disappearance of billions within the Pension Fund?

Thursday, 21st March, 2024

Sandile Dlamini,the former Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority(FSRA) was once stopped by Cabinet through the then Public Service Minister Owen Nxumalo after he launched an investigation into the disappearance of billions public funds within the now royal controlled Public Service Pension Fund(PSPF).

Without concluding whether Dlamini who was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) on Wednesday is guilty or not,it is important to contextualize Dlamini’s arrest because in this country there are dangerous political criminals yielding power to the powerless just to prove a point so that the country could be seen ‘fighting’ corruption.

It is well-documented that,the former FSRA CEO was stopped from investigating the Pension Fund where billions of public funds are disappearing as you read this.

But subsequently, we are seeing Sandile Dlamini who tried to fight corruption being charged with corruption.

Arresting former FSRA CEO Sandile Dlamini and publishing his pictures in the front pages of the State controlled newspapers will not blind some of us who know exactly what is happening in this country, powerful political criminals are controlling even the Judiciary.

The Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) must arrest the powerful people who are stealing billions in this country particularly within the Pension Fund.

An investigator of the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) recently told a friend of mine that, more arrests are looming but, surprisingly he said it would be hard to arrest SwaziPharm Director Kareem Ashraff because he is connected to the King and Chief Justice(CJ) Bheki Bheki Maphalala who is expected to sign the warrant of arrest is his alleged close friend, Ashraff allegedly looted billions of State funds.

The public pressure for the State to be seen fighting corruption is escalating as the independent media continues to expose the corrupt in the public administration.

But that does not mean we will be blinded by political criminals who will parade former FSRA CEO Sandile Dlamini as a scapegoat.

Dlamini was one of the brave FSRA’s CEO who highlighted the significance of investigating the disappearance of public funds within the Pension Fund and we know what happened to him thereafter, he was persecuted by the State.

The issues raised by Dlamini in his affidavit with regards to the disappearance of billions within the Pension Fund are well articulated in court papers, the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) must focus on serious and powerful political criminals not to tarnish the image of individuals and parade them as scapegoats.

But then I am not here to defend Sandile Dlamini, his lawyers will do their job.

I’m actually contextualizing the series of events so that the public can understand the mafiarism manifesting in this country where the criminal justice system has been weaponized to target individuals who question allegations of wrongdoing in the public administration.

The State decided to choose a wrong scapegoat, Sandile Dlamini’s record of trying to fight corruption and protect public funds as per his duties as the then FSRA CEO is well-documented, the State must first tell us what happened to the powerful political thugs stealing public funds with the Pension Fund before arresting a whistleblower.

Even before the arrest of Sandile Dlamini, I was already aware that the State was identifying individuals to be arrested so that Government could be seen fighting corruption, unfortunately,we know the alleged powerful criminals and we won’t be blinded.

The report of the Auditor General(AG) implicated Prime Minister(PM) Russell Mmiso Dlamini in the disappearance of about R180million public and donor funds, we want the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) to work without fear or favour not to tell us that Sandile Dlamini accepted one hundred thousand Rands(R100,000.00)bribe to issue a license. 

As mentioned,I am not defending Sandile Dlamini, he must face the law if he committed a crime but my duty is to enlighten the public to understand the political game that is being played here, there are possibilities that, the former FSRA CEO is being made a scapegoat.

OPINION:Why arrest ex-FSRA CEO Sandile Dlamini after he launched an investigation into the disappearance of billions within the Pension Fund?
Former FSRA CEO Sandile Dlamini.