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OPINION:Poor emaSwati persecuted by corrupt BoBandlancane and Chiefs who grab their land must learn “kubabeka umcweba”.

Monday, 25th March, 2024

One day we were at Ludzidzini Palace with my grandfather Prince Mgungu attending the Incwala ceremony and at the time, I was only fifteen(15)years old.

I was from the Tibiyo TakaNgwane kitchen next to Balondolozi’s Sihonco to get some food when one Ingatja, a young man from my area LaMgabhi eTiyeni mocked me saying “kunjani wena Musawam-Mgungu”.

I actually felt offended that a young man could call my grandfather by name, this is an offense and disrespect to elders in terms of eSwatini culture.

Crying and filled with anger,I rushed to report him to my grandfather who was eTihoncweni who asked me to give him the descriptions of the Ingatja, he then said “asimbeke umcweba Ndvodzana sitambamba kusasa nasekuhlakulwa iMfabantfu”.

When we arrived at Mfabantfu(King’s royal field) doing kuhlakula and kukosha, the Ingatja was also singing and dancing, perhaps he had forgotten that he offended me the previous day.

I the went to my grandfather to remind him about our previously planned assignment to teach the Ingatja a lesson.

My grandfather said “uphi” and after showing him, he went straight to the Ingatja to beat him.

In the midst of the beating and while the Ingatja was running seeking cover from other emaButfo, my grandfather was shouting “mbambeni ungibita ngelibito, uyangedzelela”, other warriors joined to give the young man some beating as well.

Well, this happened back in 1998 and I learned a lesson from my grandfather,he was a man who could not take nonsense and was passionate when dealing with an issue.

“Kumbeka umcweba” in siSwati means placing the meat at the top of inside roof of a house, to be eaten later once it dry and this context,it means being patient until the right time.

Poor emaSwati in the rural areas are being subjected to injustice by traditional leaders particularly boBandlancane and Chiefs who grab their land, the question is; how can a person grab your property and then live in peace while you struggle in the wilderness?.

“Kumbeka umcweba” would mean while in the wilderness, you have adequate time to analyze the situation and fight for your rights, giving comfort to a person or people who persecute you is the worse mistake that emaSwati have been committing over the years.

In terms of the Constitution, the land is held by the King in trust for the eSwatini Nation, this means emaSwati are the owners of the land.

Chiefs or traditional leaders represent the King so that there could be order in the communities and a regulated traditional framework to allocate the land, iMiphakatsi cannot be the owners of the eSwatini Nation land.

But loyalists of the regime normally say “emaSwati alunga futsi akavani nekubona ingati ayesabekabi”, but surprisingly,this evil regime went as far as killing innocent Swazis as part of or in the midst of the oppression.

The problem starts when your oppressor concludes that you are nice and humble and you will not do anything even if your rights are violated, that is stupidity.

The story of an orphan whose home was grabbed by Sicelwini traditional authorities under Masundvwini Umphakatsi, and sold by Umgijimi Steven Magongo is a good example why emaSwati must wake-up and fight for what rightfully belongs to them.

The home belonging to the orphan was allegedly sold by uMgijimi for four and fifty thousand Rands(R450,000.00) after the death of Gogo Msece Mdluli, this property was supposed to be inherited by the grandson.

EmaSwati must learn that, in life when a person forcefully unleashes violence against you or grab your property, there are rights that one must protect and those rights are supported by international laws,the Constitution and other legislations.

This include the right to self-defense and the right to own and protect your property, the regime and its agents normally declare anyone who fight for his right a terrorist.

Unfortunately,for me it’s different,I was taught at a very young age by my grandfather not to take nonsense however,I respect and interact with some Chiefs or traditional leaders who uphold human rights.

Poor emaSwati must know that once you are evicted from your home, that should give you more reason to fight and re-claim what rightfully belongs to you because after-all, you have nothing to lose anymore, you are like a walking dead person.

OPINION:Poor emaSwati persecuted by corrupt BoBandlancane and Chiefs who grab their land must learn “kubabeka umcweba”.
A home belonging to an orphan was grabbed by uMpkhakatsi.