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People living with albinism appeal for government assistance

Friday, 18th September, 2020

MBABANE: People living with albinism are now appealing for governmentassistance on issues impacting their welfare.
Speaking to this Swaziland News, Stukie Motsa, the Director ofStukie Foundationsaid life has become miserable for them due to the high costs for basic necessities for people living with albinism.  Stukie Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that advocates for the welfare and rights for people living with albinism

\"Children with albinism have eyesight problems and they are often neglected and discriminated against by teachers in some schools. These children are from poor families,they end up dropping out of school since they can\'t afford the spectacles that they need to improve their eyesight.They also need sunscreen to take care of their delicate skin which is also expensive. A sunscreen is retailing at about E 400 each, and one needs about 3 of them a month\", said the Director.

She said sunscreens were no longer cosmetic for them but a necessity hence the appeal from government for assistance. 
\"Sunscreens are no longer cosmetic for us, they are a necessity. We appeal for government\'s help to supply them as essentials .In South Africa, government pays medical bills for people living with albinism through the Social Welfare department,\" the Director said.
When reached for comments,Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku encouraged the Foundation to engage the Social Welfare Department.
\"Since this is a social issue, I would like to request the Foundation to engage the Social Welfare Department , I\'m sure they will get the assistance they need\", said the Deputy Prime Minister.
The Swaziland National Association Of Teachers (SNAT) President Mbongwa Dlamini when reached for comments by this publication implored teachers to treat all children equally.
\"As teachers we are working with children that have different kinds of conditions. We have kids living with albinism in schools, teachers are taught on how to handle them. But it might happen that other children discriminate them.However, everyone has the right to life and be free from abuse and discrimination
,\" said the SNAT President.



People living with albinism appeal for government assistance
People living with albinism