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OPINION:Mswati is right on liars,he is surrounded and isolated by dangerous political criminals.

Monday, 1st April, 2024

Bongani Sigcokosiyancinca Dlamini,the then Swazi TV Chief Executive Officer(CEO) once told me how those around King Mswati isolate him with lies.

Dlamini of the Nkhaba Royal Kraal,worked tirelessly to ensure that, the current Prince Mnisi takes over as Nkhaba Chief amid the dispute that erupted with another faction led by the Supreme Court Judge Majahenkhaba Dlamini.

Sigcokosincinca said, one day he was addressing the King but those around him stopped him before he could conclude his speech saying “ungakusho loku utawetfusa iNkhosi”. He literally said “the King is in serious trouble” surrounded by liars who question anyone who wants to meet the King, demanding to know what he/she will say inside the meeting.

Dlamini said after convincing the King’s Council tasked with facilitating the appointment of Chiefs, he then called Macaleni Dlamini who was in charge of King’s cattle to collect all the cattle known as ‘Ludlambedlu’ at Nkhaba Royal Kraal. 

“Ye-Zwemart nganela kubona kutsi letigebengu tiphindze titsatse letinkhomo teNkhosi loluDlambedlu batimikise lena bente kungatsi bayayipha kuze ilalele lamanga abo, ngavela ngabita Macaleni ngatsi akete neloli, ngatsi “tsatsa Macaleni ludlambedlu lweNkhosi luhambe lonkhe”.

The liars next to the King are very strategic, they make sure they speak in one voice before the King for example; if the lies were spoken by Macaleni Dlamini or Prince Lonkhokhela, they will send others to speak the same language before the King just to ensure that Mswati believe them, they call this “kunanatelana eMbikweNkhosi”.

Now they have adopted a new strategy of defying the King’s orders, once the King issue an order, they refuse to implement it and tell the emissaries that “sisayoyibonga le-order e-Nkhosini”, they know that, it might take months or years kuyobonga but they would succeeded in frustrating the order.

As the situation stands, there’s a lot of confusion in government and around the King because the liars have systematically seized power, they are seeking to regulate and ban the media because they are afraid of being exposed, they only enjoy when the media expose Mswati.

I always tell people that it’s not only King Mswati who is causing damage in this country, some people are using his name to push their agendas but the problem with King Mswati is that, he allowed them in the first place.

Therefore, if you want to see confusion, lies and deception, come closer to the King, it’s the survival of the fittest and only those who properly programmed their lies that were believed by the King survive.

OPINION:Mswati is right on liars,he is surrounded and isolated by dangerous political criminals.
King Mswati.