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OPINION:Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla is speaking ‘nonsense’ and politicking, public must blame King Mswati for lack of service delivery and poverty situation.

Tuesday, 16th April, 2024

Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thulisile Dladla is trying to act like her former ‘boyfriend’, the then Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, who described himself as a political lightning arrester for King Mswati, she urged the public to blame politicians not their Majesties for lack of service delivery.

But the problem with the current Cabinet is that, it is dominated by political thieves and Thuli Dladla is one of them.

Well, we must ask ourselves; as a former Chairperson of the Public Accounts Accounts Commitee(PAC), where was she when Kareem Ashraff and other suppliers looted billions within the Ministry of Health resulting to the shortage of drugs in public hospitals and the death of hundreds of patients?.

The answer is simple; she was busy harassing Headteachers and other powerless citizens to create her fake profile as a corruption buster, this woman is corrupt to the core.

Now Thuli Dladla is busy pretending to be building houses for the poor and if we can investigate, we may find that, the money does not come from Government, it’s just a manipulation of foreign donations and international funded projects to promote the cruel and oppressive Tinkhundla system of governance.

Public funds are stolen to feed Mswati and his political thieves, only for the citizens to be made poor and beggars of foreign aid and donations.

Thuli Dladla is among those who are trying to fund propaganda online publications hoping that, they will counter the truth published by the independent media,on the other hand,she surrenders herself to be blamed while trying to counter the truth, this Cabinet is desperate.

But worldwide,propaganda entities eventually collapse, she must ask herself why the Swazi Observer is financially struggling.

Members of the public are now able to identify propaganda and the independent media will gradually capacitate them with information until they become politically inclined, demand accountability and overthrow this cruel regime.

Indeed,if the people who support Tinkhundla are a majority, why are they ignoring the Swazi Observer that publishes propaganda about the Monarchy and Government, people can live in a jungle of lies but they will always seek the truth.

Political thieves by their nature, are sensitive to criticism and it is for these reasons they attempted to regulate the media,where will the public blame the politicians as per Thuli Dladla’s directive with freedom of expression restricted?.

But apart from that, who told DPM Thulisile Dladla that King Mswati and Queen Ntombi Tfwala are immune to criticism and cannot be questioned on allegations of wrongdoing? 

Tinkhundla system has a tendency of changing faces with one mission; to oppress emaSwati and force them into poverty and the centre of all this oppression, is King Mswati.

Therefore, Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla cannot come here and tell us to blame her, who is she?.

We will blame her based on the role she played in stealing millions of public funds particularly within the Swaziland Women Economic Empowerment Trust(SWEET) but, we know that the big fish is Mswati and his mother Queen Ntombi Tfwala.

A Head of State with absolute powers cannot be immune to criticism because everything revolves around him, DPM sisi Thulisile Dladla is trying to divert our focus.

But I don’t blame her, she is trying to imitate her late alleged ‘boyfriend’ Barnabas Dlamini who tried to be a shield for Mswati.

But,Barnabas went on to arrest journalists and Members of Parliament(MPs) including Marwick Khumalo and Charles Myeza who were questioning him in Parliament, he couldn’t handle the pressure of being blamed and resorted to political bullying.

OPINION:Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thuli Dladla is speaking ‘nonsense’ and politicking, public must blame King Mswati for lack of service delivery and poverty situation.
King Mswati.