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LETTER TO THE EDITOR:I am a Parliament employee, power hungry Prime Minister Russell Dlamini was seen at Tubungu with an Indonesian implicated in drugs shortage.

Saturday, 4th May, 2024


Journalism is not easy and you may not be perfect because you are human but I would like to thank you in your pursuit to enlighten us Swazi’s on the truth no matter how much we may not like it. 

We have been living in fear and silence but somehow your investigative journalism has been a catalyst in our awaken as emaswati.

As a Parliamentary civil servant, I would like to draw your readers attention to certain matters regarding Russell Dlamini.

Russell is a power hungry man who wants be in control of all situations even in matters where he is extremely wrong yet he claims to be a man of the cloth. 

In actual fact he is the complete opposite of how a man of the cloth should hold themselves, like many other Swazi’s in power who hide behind the church. When Russell was appointed Prime Minister we were alarmed within the Parliamentary service that there were already moves to hinder the investigation into the disappearance of money from NDMA during the Pandemic. In fact Portfolio Committee members with powers to investigate NDMA were appointed to include persons who would understand not to probe too much into the matter as the Prime Minister must be seen to be an incorruptible man of the cloth. 

As we sit here today, we know two things. Firstly there may not be an enquiry into the money lost at NDMA by Members of Parliament or secondly if there is, then the situation is that the documents to be submitted to the Portfolio Committees will not show a true reflection of what occurred during the use of donor funds at NDMA during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Now, as Parliamentary staff we would have expected that there would be an effective prosecution into the Ministry of Health crisis by the DPP, especially considering the magnitude of the contravention of human rights and deprivation of construction rights to healthcare emaswati have faced. However, close protection officers within the PMs team have highlighted that the person who has caused the Health care crisis, together with other questionable individuals, have been seen at Russell’s house in Tubungu Estates in Matsapha (for the sake of respecting his security we will not mention which phase in Tubungu, but we know the phase and street he stays at) after Swaziland News had reported that certain cars where seen at Hospital Hill in early March. Hence he was seen at Workers Day at Prince Wales wearing a shirt from Indonesia. 

The same close protection officers have highlighted that his hunger for power is seen in him trying to be seen doing better and gaining more popularity than His Majesty. In fact this is seen by his social media presence and how he wants to be seen as some form of saviour who is doing commendable work, when in actual fact he is not making much of a meaningful impact to emaswati or his mandate given to him by His Majesty. While he is working towards overshadowing His Majesty, he is also pinning emaswati against His Majesty by the unthinkable statements he makes of late. 

This is not sitting well with some members of the intelligence and the Royal family.It’s only been day one of his term and we have already witnessed such aggravating power hungry struggles. Imagine what we would have endured a year into his term!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR:I am a Parliament employee, power hungry Prime Minister Russell Dlamini was seen at Tubungu with an Indonesian implicated in drugs shortage.
Prime Minister Russell Dlamini with Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo.