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OPINION:PPA will never usher this country into democracy if they romance Tinkhundla,nothing wrong with PUDEMO Deputy President Wandile Dludlu’s Workers Day statement.

Sunday, 5th May, 2024

It was the cruel Tinkhundla system that sent armed police officers to invade my home and torture my wife and children but when I made strong statements against the police,the system labelled me a terrorist.

Perhaps,let me state categorically that since I made those strong statements against the police, some police officers approached me ‘crying’ and apologized, they pledged to spy their colleagues and provide me with information on anyone who might invade my home so I can deal with that member of the law enforcement agency.

This regime and its police officers acted very cruel against me but they expected me to be nice and respectful,time will come when “once a police officer ‘kiss’ a member of your family, you must also ‘kiss’ his or hers as well” as a way of demonstrating that you can’t tolerate oppression and torture.

Tinkhundla system is not a diplomatic government but a political predator, cruel and oppressive regime with no sympathy for victims of human rights violations.

The reason it’s called “Tinkhundla system” is because the regime is formed by different units, while the Government representatives including the Prime Minister attended the May Day claiming to be diplomatic towards workers, there were police spies within the crowd, monitoring political activists with an intention to kill them.

So you must never conclude that this cruel regime is diplomatic and engaging.

Therefore, the Political Parties Assembly(PPA) that distanced itself from the vibrant speech delivered by PUDEMO Deputy President Wandile Dludlu perhaps don’t know the cruelty of the Tinkhundla and, it’s very unfortunate to be led by individuals who think they can romance Tinkhundla system.

As mentioned above,I managed to have more informers in the police service because, some pledged to give me information when police cross the boarder to hunt me because they wanted to demonstrate that,they were not part of the team that tortured me.

I can repeat the statements I made against the police because I don’t believe an oppressor must torture, attempt to kill me for doing my job and then dictate how I must express my pain,Dludlu witnessed the killing of civilians during the unrest and his children witnessed the burning of his property by State agents.

Well,those who were once abducted by the police and tortured like some of us,will not blame Wandile Dludlu for his statement, Tinkhundla is a cruel regime that killed dozens of civilians during the unrest.

Personally, I felt Prime Minister Russell Dlamini was supposed to be given a platform to speak during the May Day so we can hold the government accountable based on his statement but, I don’t blame those who forced him to flee.

People are angry after the political unrest and in the absence of a political dialogue, another unrest is looming.

The PPA is just failing to understand that, in politics there’s a time when you act radical before being diplomatic.

In my line of duty as an editor,I sometimes hold meetings with diplomats,I’ve interacted with Presidents and former Presidents, I understand diplomacy.

But once you invade my home and harass my family, you will activate another person in me who might be equally cruel like you and whether you brand that person a “terrorist” that is none of my business.

Dludlu is a University law student,he understands diplomacy,defamation and hate speech, his speech was just political and vibrant.

Calling Prime Minister Russell Dlamini ‘sifanyana,sigegedlana’ was a pure political statement expressed in our unique mother language Siswati because in our culture, the Prime Minister “ngumfana weMaKhosi”.

The King even ordered Russell to run “atsi nkwe!” and develop this country, in siSwati, only a boy is told to run “atsi nkwe!”, our parents would even tell us “ngikhafulele ematse lana, angomi ungakabuyi, gijima utsi nkwe! mfana wami”.

Some of us who grew-up at home and raised by Balondolozi fully understand why Dludlu decided to label the Prime Minister sifanyana, indeed Russell “ngumfana wemaKhosi”.

It was absurd for the PPA to disown Dludlu’s statement yet he was sent to represent the organization.

Even during funerals in our communities,those who speak on behalf of uMphakatsi(INdlunkhulu), if they were not given a written speech,it means uMphakatsi entrusted them to speak and whatever speech delivered should be owned by the traditional institution.

The statement released by the PPA disowning Dludlu’s speech suggests that,in the absence of a prepared written speech,they expected him to clone the minds of the PPA leaders to understand what they expected him to say.

Lincon Motsa, the owner of Ok Foods once told the King that “ngimfana wakho Ngwenyama lobuke letitolo tase Ok Food” but if a political leader can call Motsa “umfana”, some can label that disrespect.

But in conclusion,the PPA must understand that, it’s not easy, in fact it’s pointless,to romance Tinkhundla until it’s political ejaculation.

This is a cruel and oppressive regime that kills those with different political views.

Of course,there’s a time when you must be diplomatic but never deceive yourself that,you will be in the good books of Tinkhundla system.

Human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko was very calm and a diplomatic person writing letters to human rights organizations but, Tinkhundla killed him.

One political activist once urged me to challenge the regime in court for declaring me a terrorist and I said NO, the only thing I can do is to urge the people to overthrow this undemocratic Government because that decision was political without any court judgement and therefore, it will be reversed politically in a dialogue not the captured courts.

I cannot kneel down and beg Tinkhundla to reverse an unlawful decision declaring me a terrorist, that would mean I am surrendering to the oppressor yet surrendering is not part of my principles and personal values.

But I must use the power that I have to work towards overthrowing the system,even if it takes time,Tinkhundla must,and will eventually fall.

Therefore,those PPA members who think we must romance Tinkhundla have lost it, the agenda here is to overthrow this undemocratic government,we can’t live like outcast in our own country.

OPINION:PPA will never usher this country into democracy if they romance Tinkhundla,nothing wrong with PUDEMO Deputy President Wandile Dludlu’s Workers Day statement.
PUDEMO Deputy President Wandile Dludlu.