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Ex-Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane sends condolences on death of popular radio drama actor ‘Sphampanana

Wednesday, 30th September, 2020

MBABANE:Percy Simelane, the former Government Spokesperson said Dan “Siphampanana” Duma was a very talented actor who restored the popularity of radio drama with the Eswatini Broadcasting and Information Services (EBIS)

Speaking to this Swaziland News current affairs program on Wednesday morning, Simelane who worked with Duma before being appointed as Government Spokesperson said the deceased was a very humble person with special talent that enhanced drama scripts to entertain the listeners. 

“He was a very respecting person and whenever given an opportunity to act in a drama, he would not only focus on the script but used his skills to enhance the drama to entertain the listeners. The country and the acting industry at large have lost a great talent, Duma was young and had a potential to continue with his work of entertaining the people through acting” said the former Government Spokesperson.

Simelane is now one of the few remaining veteran radio drama actors who worked with the likes of the late Gideon Valakati, one of the greatest producers who made acting popular in the country.

Dan Duma allegedly died while admitted at the Releigh Fitkin Memorial(RFM) Hospital after being set alight in his house at Sidvwashini, allegedly by his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend Ricardo de Souza who might now face an additional charge of murder.        

Ex-Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane sends condolences on death of popular radio drama actor ‘Sphampanana
The late Dan \'Siphampanana\' Duma