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OPINION:Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) is a home of corruption,Parliament must investigate how some unqualified investigators paid bribes for jobs.

Friday, 10th May, 2024

It is very unfortunate to note that,we have been blaming political interference and Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala’s judgment that castrated the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) when in fact,the law enforcement agency itself is corrupt to the core.
Parliament must first investigate how some unqualified individuals now work as investigators of the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) and who employed them after accepting bribes.
Furthermore,as the independent media,we will soon demand some answers from the investigators because as we conduct preliminary lifestyle investigations,we discovered that some ACC investigators are building houses worth millions while their pay-slips and bank accounts suggest that they are sinking in debts and there’s no evidence suggesting that, they secured bank loans to build those houses.
The story of an ACC investigator who allegedly demanded two hundred and fifty thousand Rands(R250,000.00) from Principal Secretary(PS) in the Prime Minister’s Office Bertram Stewart is just a drop in the ocean, clearly we have no Anti-Corruption in this country but those are just useless bunch of corrupt individuals abusing power for personal gain.
Even that useless woman Jabu Phakathi who was employed as the Anti Corruption Commission(ACC) Spokesperson is getting paid for doing nothing except to incubate corruption within that law enforcement institution.
Every-time when the media asks her questions, she would say “the law does not allow the ACC to speak about matters under investigations”.
The question is; why did the ACC employed a Spokesperson if she will not respond even on issues that seeks to demand accountability with regards to the operations of the institution?.
Billions were looted in this country and people have died amid shortage of drugs in public hospitals.
But we have an Anti Commission Commission(ACC) whose investigators are collecting information including documents from members of the public and then, use that information to extort money from high profile people instead of enforcing the law.
We cannot blame everything on Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala, he may have his weaknesses as a human being but, clearly the ACC was rendered useless by corruption.
It is important to note that,I’ve been close to two(2)previous ACC Commissioners of the ACC including other senior officials there.
Daniel Dlamini,the former Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) whom I previously worked with while working as a privately contracted investigator for the then Swaziland Revenue Authority(SRA) did not perform as a Commissioner in that institution.
Well, despite knowing Dlamini as a hard worker with integrity, he wouldn’t have performed if the institution was dominated by corrupt investigators,perhaps the environment changed him as well.
Jabu Phakathi,the ACC Spokesperson must not think trying to incubate corruption in that institution will succeed.
I was disappointed because at some point I asked the Commissioner why he was not performing and I then understood that the institution needs a serious overhaul.
The ACC was not established to enable investigators to extort money from high profile people but, to investigate corruption and clearly,this country is going down and destroyed by corruption while we have the ACC.
As the independent media, we will soon play our part and expose what is happening within the ACC,we urge Members of Parliament(MPs) to conduct their own investigation as well.
The ACC has been hiding behind Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala’s judgement that castrated the institution, it cannot be true that Maphalala could single-handedly be a monster and destroy the ACC.
Furthermore,there’s no where in that judgement where the CJ urged investigators to extort money from high profile people and take bribes.
Recently,the ACC managed to arrest former Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority(FSRA) and the question is; what has been preventing them from effecting arrests all these years since the CJ’s judgement?.
Clearly, we must dig deeper to understand what castrated the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC), for now and based on available information, corruption is rife within the ACC and we need credible investigators to help this country fight corruption not extortionists.
OPINION:Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) is a home of corruption,Parliament must investigate how some unqualified investigators paid bribes for jobs.
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