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LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Please investigate ongoing workers rights violations at Limkokwing University.

Monday, 13th May, 2024

Dear editor.

I am writing to bring to your attention concerning issues at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology that require immediate investigation. Several concerning incidents have come to light regarding violations of human rights and labor laws, as well as allegations of misconduct within the institution’s management.
Firstly, there have been reports of violations of labor laws, including the replacement of lecturers with temporary staff and alleged manipulation of reports by management to evade legal scrutiny. These actions have serious implications for the welfare of both staff and students, and it is imperative that they be thoroughly investigated.
Additionally, it is deeply concerning that the Campus Director(Tfobile Gumede) seems to be exerting undue influence, refusing to engage in negotiations and displaying what appears to be a personal vendetta against a certain individuals(Ms Xolile Mnisi). 
This behavior undermines the principles of fairness and transparency that should guide the management of educational institutions.The Minister of Education is informed about this situation, but it appears that Tfobile also has considerable influence over him. 
Furthermore, there are serious doubts about the competence and professionalism of key staff members, including the Head of Academic(Stella Shongwe),who has been accused of abusive behavior and whose qualifications have been called into question.
Such individuals are not fit to hold positions of authority within an academic institution and their actions must be scrutinized.
Staff members have also raised legitimate concerns regarding their working conditions, including the lack of permanent employment, inadequate benefits, and the cessation of certain allowances without justification. These grievances must be addressed to ensure the well-being and morale of the university's workforce.
In light of these issues,I urge you to launch a thorough investigation into the affairs of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. 
It is essential that any misconduct or violations of the law be exposed and addressed promptly to uphold the integrity of the institution and ensure justice for those affected.
LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Please investigate ongoing workers rights violations at Limkokwing University.
Workers protesting at Limkokwing University.