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ANALYSIS:King Mswati will get the whole truth from his new Advisor Major V.

Saturday, 18th May, 2024

The appointment of Vusumuzi ‘Major V’ Dlamini into the Liqoqo King’s Advisory Council is very strategic, Mswati has his own people in almost all the Governing Structures with characters similar to Major V.

Ncumbi Maziya, a member of the Ludzidzini Council has the same character as Major V.

I once got hold of an audio where Ncumbi was speaking for a whole forty-five(45) minutes non-stop during a meeting while serving as the then member of the Elections and Boundaries Commission(EBC) and after listening to that audio, I came to the conclusion that Ncumbi Maziya is “Major V”.

In siSwati, such characters are known as “tinhlanya teNkhosi” and from such characters,the King normally gets the whole truth about what is happening even within the various Governing Councils(eMaBandla).

Paul Dlamini is the Chairman of Liqoqo and Mandla Dlamini is the Secretary but, even if these individuals can report about the outcomes of meetings to the King, Mswati can still call Major V to verify because he knows Major V loves him wholeheartedly and he will tell him the genuine truth.

Major V was all over social media during the unrest,defending the King without any benefit, he did this even when it was clear that his life was in danger.

Worth-noting, Major V once spoke about one leader of a political party describing him “who he is” he spoke things that I knew it\'s the genuine truth.

So Mswati knows why he appointed Major V, it’s not like he will get professional advice, the King has many Advisors even outside Liqoqo but sometimes, he operates through such questionable characters.

‘Tinhlanya’ teNkhosi were there even during King Sobhuza’s time, that’s where the King receives genuine information about what is happening.

So Major V might appear as a questionable character in the eyes of others, unfortunately in the eyes of the King, he is a trusted individual who will confirm some reports presented to the King.

The King knows that some of these people he had appointed sometimes lie to him but, characters like Major V hardly lie, they vomit only the truth.

ANALYSIS:King Mswati will get the whole truth from his new Advisor Major V.
King’s Advisor Vusumuzi Major V Dlamini.