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OPINION:Ex-Deputy Police National Commissioner Khisimusi Ndlovu’s Masundvwini Inner Council,a bunch of corrupt traditional leaders who grab land from orphans and the poor.

Saturday, 25th May, 2024

In the absence of a law that seeks to regulate the conduct of traditional leaders,we might witness unfortunate incidents similar to that of Chief Prince Mahloma who was allegedly killed by members of the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces(SISF).

The Masundvwini Inner Council(Bandlancane) dominated by a bunch of corrupt traditional leaders who rule through a culture of impunity,is grabbing land from the poor including widows and orphans,this must come to an end before the powerless citizens find or identify alternative means to defend themselves and their properties.

A recent case is that of Sibonokuhle Langa, an orphan whose home was grabbed and sold for four hundred and fifty-thousand Rands(R450,000.00) allegedly by Masundvwini uMgijimi Steven Magongo.

The home belonged to the late Gogo Mdluli and was inherited by her grandchildren with the current owner being Sibonokuhle Langa of Sicelwini

under Masundvwini Inner Council.

It is surprising to note that,such corruption and the persecution of powerless citizens including women and children is happening under the watchful eye of retired former Deputy Police National Commissioner Khisimusi Ndlovu,now a member of the Masundvwini Inner Council.

Perhaps,it is worth-mentioning to state that,citizens of this country are not slaves of the powerful or those connected to royalty,they have a right to own land and properties and in the event of death,the ownership must be transferred to their children or grandchildren.

My home is situated in a land that was previously allocated to Prince Msimudze, I benefited through inheritance and all children in this country including women have a right to inherit land from their parents or grandparents.

When my grandfather allocated me the land he said, “this is your land,it’s not actually ‘yours’ but your children”, that’s the beauty of siSwati, “it’s yours but not yours”, kwebantfwana!.

But the children will also say “likhaya laBabe leli, while in this context,I will also say “alisilo lami leMalangeni, leBatfwabeNkhosi”.

My grandfather was actually saying, when I die, my children will inherit the land of their forefathers.

This right to own land through inheritance,is not only imaginary but it is enshrined in the Constitution of this country.

The Masundvwini Inner Council(Bandlancane) must allow the orphan to own the property inherited from his grandmother in peace and without any disturbance.

I am making an example about my grandfather because he was a National Court President(Ndabazabantu) with vast knowledge in Eswatini Law and Custom, he was also working closely with the Chief.

So you cannot mislead me on issues of Eswatini Law and Custom, I’m the grandson of Ndabazantu.

This new culture of impunity where the powerful grab land from the poor is not, in any way, eSwatini culture.

Our culture has been manipulated by corrupt traditional leaders who even demand a cow(inkhomo yekukhonta) from children who were allocated land by their parents or grandparents within the premises of their land,this is not Eswatini culture, it’s corruption.

It’s very unfortunate because some of these corrupt traditional leaders claim to be adhering to eSwatini culture, in siSwati an orphan “ngumntfwana weNdlunkhulu” but we are seeing the Masundvwini Inner Council(Indlunkhulu) grabbing a home from an orphan.

Gogo Mdluli of Sicelweni under Masundvwini paid a cow(inkhomo yekukhonta) for the land and, we don’t expect the corrupt Inner Council to even demand a cow from the orphan.

Sibonokuhle is and should remain,a beneficiary of a land previously owned by his grandmother just like me, I inherited land owned by Prince Msimudze and Liphovela leNkhosi LaFakudze.

Worth-noting, paying a cow to uMphakatsi is not like literally buying the land.

The land is owned by emaSwati but held in trust by the King who rules through Chiefs and therefore, when a citizen asks for land through kukhonta, he/she is asking for a piece of land that he/she indirectly owns.

It is therefore surprising to note that,some of these corrupt traditional leaders went as far as intimidating orphans saying the land belongs to Indlunkhulu, there’s no single Ndlunkhulu in this country that owns land,emaSwati own the land.

But we must keep our eyes wide open, the Masundvwini Inner Council is a serious problem and, we don’t want corrupt thieves in this country including rouge traditional leaders who grab land from the poor.

As for former Deputy Police National Commissioner Khisimusi Ndlovu,I can only say “shame on you” for being part of a bunch of corrupt thieves within the Masundvwini Inner Council.

Even though I know the former Deputy Commissioner personally,I cannot keep quiet while an orphan is being persecuted by people who abuse power, at least Ndlovu knows that I don’t tolerate nonsense.

Corruption and/or abuse of power particularly against an orphan,cannot be tolerated.

OPINION:Ex-Deputy Police National Commissioner Khisimusi Ndlovu’s Masundvwini Inner Council,a bunch of corrupt traditional leaders who grab land from orphans and the poor.
The home belonging to Gogo Mdluli inherited by Sibonokuhle Langa.