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OPINION:Why Government Spokesperson must be held accountable for the death of Gege-Mbondzela security guard amid demolitions,likhaya lendvodza naliwa kwamele lipheketelwe yinhloko!.

Sunday, 26th May, 2024

The abduction and subsequent killing of a security guard at Mbondzela-Gege must be attributed to Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo who, at the height of the residents’ plight, uttered statements that subsequently escalated the tension.

Nxumalo issued a statement supporting the eviction and this reminded me of former Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Themba Masuku who escalated a political unrest by banning the delivery of petitions, resulting to the death of dozens of innocent civilians.

The problem with Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo is that,he drinks alcohol too much and his ability to read the current political barometer is very low.

The people of Mbondzela are grieving after the demolition of their homes and some of their relatives and residents of that area, are dagga dealers who reside in South Africa, to them killing a human being who is causing their plight is not a issue.

In fact demolishing someone’s home amounts to killing that individual and Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo must convince the angry residents why those perpetrators evicting citizens from their land deserve not to be killed as well.

A responsible government could have come-up with a solution to address the problem but, we saw an alleged drunkard addressing the media,speaking a lot of nonsense that angered the Mbondzela residents.

Mbondzela was named after Mbondzela Mdluli about two hundred(200) years ago his grave is in that area.

But the home of the great-grandchildren of Mbondzela Mdluli, the founding father of the community was demolished this month by people who claim to own the land, this is nonsense.

Building a home is not easy like drinking alcohol and it’s very unfortunate to note that, the security guard became a sacrificial lamb for the violence that was perpetrated by the so called farm owners against legitimate residents of Mbondzela-Gege.

Kodvwa-ke, leminye imiti yemadvodza vele iyesindza, ungayibhidlita nayiwa iphekeletelwa yinhloko yendvodza.

As a journalist,I speak to different people in my line of duty and some of these people said they were not happy with the statement of the Government Spokesperson, that land belongs to the people of Mbondzela not the so called farm owner.

We are also aware that, some farms owned by the people in the rural areas were secretly stolen and the Mbondzela residents must protect their property.

Violence must be discouraged but we saw a whole government through its drunkard Spokesperson supporting it,unfortunately no one has a monopoly over violence, every human being is capable to be violent if pushed to the corner.

Arresting the few Mbondzela-Gege residents will not solve the problem because there are others who are relatives of the victims.

But Mass Democratic Movement(MDM) must prioritize the land issue, this is the new fertile ground for the struggle.

This cruel government forced about 70% of the population into poverty and now,the regime is supporting demolitions, Tinkhundla wants to see the people struggling and living with wild animals with no homes.

While watching a video of the Government Spokesperson speaking nonsense and escalating the tension at Mbondzela I said to myself “what a stupid man”.

You cannot demolish people’s homes and then expect them to behave normally,they have nothing to lose and they can do anything to cause instability because the very same people who demolished their homes, destabilized their lives.

I remember one illegitimate ‘Indvuna’ at LaMgabhi eTiyeni who threatened to demolish my brother’s home and he stopped after learning that,I had already paid a TLB to secretly visit his home at night and demolish it as well while he was asleep inside.

The LaMgabhi illegitimate Indvuna subsequently ran to the police claiming I wanted to kill him.

But I was not seeking to kill him,instead,I wanted demolish his house as well and mix him with it.

I then failed to understand why he was afraid to have his home demolished if it’s a good thing to demolish someone’s home.

Victims or State violence must learn to use all possible means to defend themselves, a home is very sensitive with historical or ancestral beliefs, you cannot just demolish another man’s home hoping that things should be normal,unless that man is stupid.

Likhaya lendvodza naliwa kwamele lipheketelwe yinhloko yendvodza!!!.

OPINION:Why Government Spokesperson must be held accountable for the death of Gege-Mbondzela security guard amid demolitions,likhaya lendvodza naliwa kwamele lipheketelwe yinhloko!.
Police searching for a missing security guard.