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OPINION:It’s corruption versus ethical public administration in the case of Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini and Information Minister Savannah Maziya.

Wednesday, 29th May, 2024

It wasn’t a surprise for Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini to clash with Information, Communications and Technology(ICT) Minister Savannah Maziya,the former is striving on corruption with impunity, while the latter promotes ethical public administration.

Corrupt politicians like Russell Dlamini are very sensitive to the media or individuals who subscribe to ethical governance by adhering to the principles of public administration.

The Information Minister recently told Parliament that,the media must be allowed to self-regulate so that, it could play its oversight role and hold those in power accountable.

Indeed,a public figure who upholds the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability while promoting openness and good governance will never be afraid of the media, instead of perceiving the media as an enemy, that public figure automatically becomes a stakeholder.

The PM must stop blaming the office of the King for responding to questionnaires from this publication, Mswati has been in power for close to forty(40) years now and over the years, he has been making international media headlines.

Mswati is aware that whether you respond or not, the media will publish the story and it will reach a wider audience, the media does not perform its duties by massaging feelings of corrupt individuals like Russell Dlamini.

But it’s a different case with Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini, with his traceable record of stealing millions of public funds within the National Disaster Management Agency(NDMA), the first thing that came to his mind, shortly after his appointment, was to regulate the media.

Now, in his shallow corrupt mind,the Prime Minister thinks he can isolate this online publication.

The founder of this publication is not low-minded like the Prime Minister, he used his mind to start an online publication from scratch that subsequently impacted the world and quoted even by the international media and human rights organizations.

Engaging in corruption or stealing R210million public funds from the NDMA might be easy for Russell but isolating a publication that you never founded and knew nothing about its pillars is a mountain to climb.

Over fifty(50) Tinkhundla loyalists tried and failed to isolate this publication, some including senior police officers died while trying.

I remember senior Deputy Commissioner Sam Mthembu telling me that, as the police they will ensure that I stop writing and undergo kubutseka, he died while trying and I’m still writing articles exposing corruption and maladministration.

The court papers at the Mpumalanga High Court have the name of former Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku who took this editor and the Swaziland News to court claiming to be representing the King.

But Masuku left his position while trying and others including the Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo are still trying.

So the corrupt Prime Minister must not think his attempts are new, he must keep on trying like others but,this publication will continue to publish critical articles about Government, the King, Ministers or anyone who holds public office. 

Responding to our articles through vague press statements or other platforms is working to our advantage to reach an audience that might have not seen the article.

In fact the State owned radio promotes our articles and the captured newspapers who sometimes try to defend Government are amplifying the articles.

In terms of journalism ethics, Government will always have a platform in this publication to respond and account on issues of public interest, if the Russell corrupt administration decides to respond in other platforms and amplify our articles, in one way or the other,that also works to our advantage.

Now the Prime Minister is frustrated because he found himself with Savannah Maziaya,a Minister who seems to be more intelligent and knowledgeable in understanding the principles of public administration.

Apart from the allegations suggesting that, he might have shared the NDMA stolen millions with Mswati, Prime Minister Russell Dlamini was recommended to the King by individuals who might have benefited in the looting of the over R210million.

Therefore, he must never think having a skill to steal public funds means “he is intelligent that he can even isolate a publication”.

It is absolute political madness to even think Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo,an ignorant drunkard could legitimize such an internationally recognized online publication.

As journalists, we have powers in terms of the transparency and accountability laws to send questionnaires before publishing articles and in the event the other party refuses to respond, we have the right to publish and indicate that “a questionnaire was sent to that particular individual”.

Prime Minister Russell Dlamini must know that,he will never isolate the media, we will continue to publish articles as if his ban never existed.

On the other hand, his drunkard disguised as a Government Spokesperson will also follow with press statements trying to clarify or defend.

But as mentioned,others tried to isolate this publication,the problem is that, they didn’t know it’s foundations.

This publication was founded to promote democracy, human rights,the rule of law, transparency and accountability in the public administration.

As long as it enjoys the people’s support,no single corrupt Prime Minister will ever succeed in isolating it.

OPINION:It’s corruption versus ethical public administration in the case of Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini and Information Minister Savannah Maziya.
Prime Minister Russell Dlamini and ICT Minister Savannah Maziya.