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OPINION:Luke Commission must not pay any bribe to Prime Minister Russell Dlamini or anyone in Cabinet,Government must just release the R30million approved by Parliament.

Saturday, 1st June, 2024

After publishing an article on Friday highlighting how a faction within Government frustrates the release of the R30million allocated by Parliament to the Luke Commission, I was privileged to speak to one high profile individual close to the matter who gave me more information with regards to what is happening.

Firstly, let me warn Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini that, this country or Government is not a private(Pty) Ltd company belonging to him and his corrupt friend SwaziPharm Director Kareem Ashraff.

Russell has been frustrating the Luke Commission while holding the position as Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the National Disaster Management Agency(NDMA) and now, he wants to treat the Government as his personal property while taking orders from Kareem Ashraff.

Government is a national institution that should balance different interests particularly, the public interest and as long as the Luke Commission continues to assist emaSwati,the Prime Minister must know that, he will eventually release the R30million and,we won’t beg him to perform his public duties as the Head of Government.

The problem in this country is that,corruption is rife, certain individuals in Government want a share before they can release the R30million allocated to the Luke Commission by Parliament.

Perhaps, it is important to state that,it is this kind of corruption that collapsed the public hospitals including the Phalala Fund, corrupt individuals are pushing their interests with no regard for innocent human lives.

Our country is facing a health crisis and therefore, while we address the challenges, we need to support institutions like the Luke Commission that seem to be able to assist in the meantime,as to who owns the Luke Commission,it doesn’t matter as long as we receive the services.

The R30million was approved by Parliament through the Appropriation Act of 2024 and the Prime Minister must stop his corrupt tendencies, trying to frustrate an institution that has been helping emaSwati while surviving with foreign donated funds.

As the media, we will be monitoring if the money has been released, we won’t be bullied by the Prime Minister and his corrupt syndicate.

People are struggling with no access to health care in this country and then we have people who want to run Government as if the country is their personal property.

Your Excellency, you will eventually release the money to the Luke Commission as per the Parliament directive and, you won’t receive the bribe you are systematically soliciting.

We will consistently remind you until the Luke Commission receives an in-contact to provide health services to the elderly and other emaSwati.

This country does not belong to you and Ashraff and we won’t allow a situation whereby a Prime Minister takes orders from Ashraff, a corrupt capitalist while disregarding Parliament directives that has been gazetted into law.

But apart from that, we will remind you, Your Excellency to release more money to purchase drugs in public hospitals and of course, without forgetting to demand the R210million public funds you allegedly looted within the NDMA.

We are not begging you to do what you are supposed to do as the Prime Minister, in the case of the Luke Commission, we won’t allow personal interests and battles among capitalists to supersede the public interest.

The elderly patients at the Luke Commission know nothing about the battle of capitalists in the corridors of power, they just want access to healthcare and if they have chosen to seek help there, Government must release the R30million while efforts are being made to address the health crisis and/or the supply of drugs in public hospitals.

As mentioned, all we want is to see the Luke Commission financially breathing so that it can continue assisting emaSwati.

We cannot allow corrupt capitalists controlling the Prime Minister to deliberately undermine Parliament even on a clear issue of public interest.

OPINION:Luke Commission must not pay any bribe to Prime Minister Russell Dlamini or anyone in Cabinet,Government must just release the R30million approved by Parliament.
Prime Minister Russell Dlamini.