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PUDEMO: Prince Lindani’s New appointment confirms our sentiments on royal supremacy and looting .

Wednesday, 7th October, 2020

MBABANE: Brain Sangweni, the Spokesperson of the People’s United Democratic Movement ( PUDEMO) said  Prince LIndani’s appointment as the Economic Affairs Director in the King’s Office confirms their sentiments suggesting that the main objective of the royal supremacy was to channel resources within members the royal family, while over 700 000 Emaswati are languishing in poverty.

Speaking to this Swaziland News on Wednesday, the PUDEMO Spokesperson said the recent appointment of the Prince into another high position while in gainful employment should be enough for Emaswati to see the kind of government they are dealing with. 

‘‘We are not shocked since this is not the first time for such a thing to  happen, royalty is being awarded top positions where they earn money for doing nothing and Prince Lindani is not the first person to be awarded such .This is to ensure that wealth is only centred within the royal family and their friends. This government only serves royalty and this only confirms what we have been saying all along. Swazis should wake up and smell the coffee to see the kind of government we are dealing with,’’ he said.

When reached for comments the Swaziland National Association of Teachers’ (SNAT) President Mbongwa Dlamini said this was an insult to the swazis that could be not employed by government due to the hiring freeze.

‘‘The teaching profession has been affected by the casualization of teachers’ jobs long before the hiring freeze was implemented by government. The appointment of the Prince into a new high and well-paying position is not only an insult to us as teachers but also to those who lost their jobs due to the COVID 19 pandemic .Government has just implemented the hiring freeze but was quick to create a new position for a person who was already in gainful employment, this shows that government only makes laws for the people but not for royalty’’, said the SNAT President.

This Swaziland News reported yesterday that Prince Lindani will take home a total of E200 000 in salaries. His new position as the Economic Affairs Director at the King’s Office comes with an over E 60 000 salary, he holds the position of Major in the army with a salary of over E 50 000. He is also a board member at the Eswatini Revenue Authority (SRA) where he is entitled to sitting allowances, he holds shares directly and indirectly in various companies and is also entitled to a royal grant.

PUDEMO:  Prince Lindani’s New appointment confirms our sentiments on royal supremacy and looting .
PUDEMO President Mlungisi Makhanya