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OPINION:Castrating critical accountability State institutions to promote a culture of corruption and impunity,Prime Minister’s political madness must be stopped.

Saturday, 15th June, 2024

One of the Principal Secretaries(PS) contacted me this week and we had a chat about what Prime Minister(PM) Russell Mmiso Dlamini is currently doing,to strengthen his looting network with SwaziPharm Director Kareem Ashraff.

In fact the PS tried to reach me several times and demonstrated the seriousness of the issue he wanted to discuss, clearly the PM is busy strengthening his looting syndicate and I am happy that those who are opposed to his corrupt activities will always leak the information to this journalist.

We will conduct our investigations and expose the Prime Minister as per the information provided by the PS, some loyalists of the Tinkhundla system love this country and they won’t keep quiet while Russell Dlamini and his corrupt syndicate headed by Kareem Ashraff destroy this country.

In the process,the Prime Minister will learn that,the media will always perform its constitutional duties to hold those in power accountable and demand accountability, we will not allow him to loot State resources with impunity in this country.

The mere fact that,even high profile people are making efforts to reach this Swaziland News and report corruption means,Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini is yet to account for his corrupt activities dating back while he was serving as the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the National Disaster Management Agency(NDMA).

Currently,there are factions in Cabinet, with Ministers who are loyal to Kareem Ashraff and the Prime Minister while others are opposed to corruption.

It is now clear why the Prime Minister tried to sabotage the independent media before attempting to castrate the Office of the Auditor General(AG), this is a man who wants to loot State resources with Ashraff without being questioned.

Corruption has killed dozens of emaSwati amid shortage of drugs in public hospitals and, Russell Dlamini who failed to account for R210million is indirectly complicit to the cause of deaths.

But let me warn the Prime Minister that he will never be like the late PM Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini.

Now there’s the independent media,we will expose even sensitive information in the public interest and we can assure the Prime Minister that he won’t do anything except to bang the table(kushaya litafula) after reading these articles.

Not even an intimidation through endless court cases with the South African courts will stop us from exposing corruption and demanding accountability in the public administration.

We won’t be intimidated by the stupid threats suggesting that,State security agents will eventually apprehended the editor, those threats has been there for the past five(5) years.

Threatening the independent media to discourse it from exposing corruption won’t succeed,a majority of the citizens of this country are poor while arrogant political thieves like Russell Dlamini are vigorously working towards evading accountability of public funds.

The issue of the R210million won’t just fade away as long as I’m the editor of this widely read and internationally recognized online publication.

We will report until Government supply drugs in public hospitals, provide scholarships for deserving University students and deliver other basic services for taxpayers.

This week,I was interviewed by a Master’s Degree Journalism Student for one of the South African Universities and as part of her research project one of the questions she asked was “how do you ensure that your reporting does not put you in trouble with the Government?.

My response was; “the duty of a journalist is not to romance the Government, in fact a journalist must always make the Government uncomfortable and demand accountability,a journalist must keep the Government on toes.Once a journalist becomes the darling of the Government, the public will be deprived critical information”.

I hereby, pledge to keep the Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini’s administration on toes for the duration of the term,we want service delivery and accountability of public resources.

We want to see those who looted public funds arrested and held accountable in terms of the law.

The current Cabinet is headed by a political thief who think all of us will be intimidated by mere banging of tables(kushaya ematafula), this is our country not a farm for Kareem Ashraff.

Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini is an alleged corrupt thief and he must he perceived and treated as such, his leadership style represents nothing but impunity.

OPINION:Castrating critical accountability State institutions to promote a culture of corruption and impunity,Prime Minister’s political madness must be stopped.
Kareem Ashraff.