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EDITORIAL ANALYSIS:How alleged corrupt thieves around King Mswati misled him to appoint Russell Dlamini as Prime Minister after the postponement of Sibaya due to heavy rains.

Sunday, 16th June, 2024

Before the postponement of Sibaya due to heavily rains from Tuesday 31st October 2023 to Friday 03 November 2023,King Mswati had three(3) names as candidates for the Prime Minister’s position.

The names include ex-PM Cleopas Dlamini,Supreme Court Judge Prince Senzangakhona and former Foreign Affairs Minister Mabili Dlamini,Russell Mmiso Dlamini was no-where closer to the list.

Well,as to why a Prime Minister or Head of Government is chosen by a single family and subsequently imposed to the entire Nation instead being democratically elected,that would be a subject for another day.

EmaSwati were made to attend Sibaya and wait while a single family and trusted loyalists of the Tinkhundla undemocratic system of governance were busy in a closed secret meeting,discussing how to impose a Prime Minister,King Mswati and the entire regime calls that political nonsense “Monarchical Democracy”.

But within the three(3)days,there was alleged bribery worth millions and as I posted on my Facebook page before the appointment of the Prime Minister that Mswati might appoint Russell Dlamini.

The current PM might have used the millions stolen from the National Disaster Management Agency(NDMA) to activate a syndicate around the King to change Mswati’s mind,this PM is a product of a corrupt process and Mswati is complicit to this.

Russell Dlamini had the support of BatfwabeNkhosi and other influential Cabinet Ministers who benefited from the R210million looting through tenders,of course,a percentage of the missing public and donated funds might have reached the King.

But here we are today,a whole country is now grounded with a corrupt novice with no political experience because King Mswati opted to prioritize money and took advice from other corrupt thieves around him.

Whether Mswati received tetfulo or not,the truth is;he was misled,that position is not for politically immature boys who bangs tables(kushaya ematafula), as Russell Dlamini does, “in siSwati iNkhosi yadliswa luhlata”.

The arrogance of Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo is a true reflection of the Prime Minister’s attitude and fortunately, such arrogance will speed-up the process of another political unrest and usher this country into a new democratic dispensation.

It was Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo’s arrogant statements that resulted to the escalation of tension at Gege-Mbondzela and the current Prime Minister needs just a political major pressure in a form of protests or political instability, he will out of frustration,bang all the tables inside the Cabinet Offices, explode and subsequently mess-up everything.

Russell Mmiso Dlamini used corruption to climb the political ladder that’s why those who work around him alleged that,he would remind other Ministers during Cabinet meetings when challenged that,he is the Prime Minister because he wants everyone to worship him,he must just back-off!.

As for King Mswati,he must also clarify why he appointed this alleged political thief if he didn’t receive a share of the R210million.

But in conclusion,it is important to state that,politics and the future of this country must be decided in the ballot box not inside the kraal situated within the premises of another man’s home.

Both Mswati(the appointing authority) and Prime Minister Russell Mmiso(the appointee) were never elected by the people but,they call this rubbish and politically imposed ideology of appointing a Prime Minister within Sibaya “democracy”.

EDITORIAL ANALYSIS:How alleged corrupt thieves around King Mswati misled him to appoint Russell Dlamini as Prime Minister after the postponement of Sibaya due to heavy rains.
King Mswati(pic:Gov).