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OPINION:Eswatini Positive News editor Mbongeni Ndlela must supervise new writer Government Spokesperson against insulting individuals,otherwise he will undermine his media project.

Wednesday, 26th June, 2024

Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo decided to dump his insulting online platform to write for Eswatini Positive News(EPN),an online media company with a clear editorial policy to promote Government through professional writing.

As mentioned in my previously articles,there’s nothing wrong with promoting development and Government projects,Eswatini Positive News seems to be a project with a clear direction and it is managed by professional journalists and edited by former Times Sunday journalist Mbongeni Ndlela.

Media pluralism being one of the basic principles of an independent press promotes the establishment of various media entities to enhance access to information.

Eswatini Positive News is focusing on developmental journalism while the Swaziland News focuses on issues of democracy, human rights and the law of law through investigative journalism, all media entities have their style of writing and editorial policies.

The Government Spokesperson must understand that, the Swaziland News has created a strong foundation even within the Tinkhundla system,whether you like or hate it,this publication is here to stay,in fact it is part of the Tinkhundla dictatorship to fight publications that criticizes it.

As a journalist,I cannot unjustly cast aspersions on a publication that seems to be following its editorial policy like the Eswatini Positive News but will hit hard on Nxumalo if he uses the Government brand including the Coat of Arms to legitimize insulting platforms,he must carry the stigma of those platforms until he learns to practice professional Public Relations.

Government is not a “Pty Ltd” institution owned by individuals but a national institution and therefore, we have a right to question the conduct of a person who was appointed to speak on behalf of Government particularly if that individual is using the Government brand to attack individuals unjustly,and then get paid with our taxes.

As long as that insulting platform exists,we will attribute it’s writings to Alpheous Nxumalo because he is the owner and even legitimized it with the State Coat of Arms.

It is the desperation by this Government to fight the Swaziland News that saw Nxumalo losing focus and maybe,he will restore his credibility with the Eswatini Positive News.

Journalists of the various newspapers told me that,the Government Spokesperson asked them to attack the Swaziland News and they refused because they know the consequences,it was then that Nxumalo opted to create an online platform trying to attack the editor including high profile individuals who responds to the Swaziland News,we won’t allow this.

Indeed,we have an obligation to use the power of journalism to defend our independence as the media and bullying of citizens, anyone seeking to isolate this publication will pay a heavy price with his/her reputation.

As an online publication with such a huge following,we fully understands the power,we want to use it to make this country a better place and create a better life for all.

But if political hyenas like Alpheous Nxumalo attempt to fight this publication,they will regret because we won’t make any announcement suggesting that, enough is enough.

Now,that Nxumalo writes for the Positive News,he must know that,this publication will publish anything about the King or the Government and he won’t do anything about that,as long as the information is of public interest.

Nxumalo lost credibility because he was working with a boy who was once caught stealing chickens and we will always attribute anything published in those insulting platforms to Nxumalo because he is the editor.

Maybe now,his writings will have some credibility with the Eswatini Positive News because the editor Mbongeni Ndlela is known.

But let me make it clear to Nxumalo that personally,I did not start writing after the June 2021 unrest, this means if the Government Spokesperson chooses to use writing and insult others including journalists,he will have a serious problem with his reputation and lose focus in the duties entrusted by the State upon him.

Nxumalo must communicate Government positions and promote Tinkhundla system, if he chooses to launch battles against journalists,he will regret.

Some of us know how to deal with the credibility of a wayward person until we achieve the goal of exposing his real character to the public and when doing this,we are very passionate.

The Government Spokesperson made serious insults against the King’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane and the editor of this publication,saying Percy Simelane is in a romantic relationship with the editor just for doing his job and responding to questionnaires.

I am yet to give context to this statement where Nxumalo accused Percy Simelane of being in a romantic relationship with the editor,I hope he won’t deny this because he sent a message and maybe contextualizing it will help us understand if insulting others is part of the job description of the Government Spokesperson.

As a journalist,I speak to many people within the Tinkhundla system including those close to the King, we will not allow Nxumalo to divide us as emaSwati regardless of our political differences.

Now,that Nxumalo has decided to dump his online insulting platform and run to the Eswatini Positive News,editor Mbongeni Ndlela must know that he will take full responsibility should Nxumalo insults public figures including journalists in that platform.

We have no problem with Nxumalo writing and defending Government but he must do that professionally and in accordance with his job description,what was the point of insulting Lobamba Lomdzala Member of Parliament(MP) Marwick Khumalo?.

How can you accuse an MP of plotting to overthrow a Government just for writing an article for an online publication that you don’t like?

I speak to almost all journalists in the country but they know that,if provoked with the public and journalism interests threatened,I don’t have a friend.

OPINION:Eswatini Positive News editor Mbongeni Ndlela must supervise new writer Government Spokesperson against insulting individuals,otherwise he will undermine his media project.
Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.