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Sikhuphe Airport four(4)men proposed by cheating ‘married’ police officer to hold meeting with husband,say they want to expose her and avoid Gender Based Violence as female cops assault men.

Friday, 28th June, 2024

SIKHUPHE:Lungile Pholile Nsibande,a police officer based at the King Mswati International Airport will on Tuesday be a subject of a discussion between her husband and four(4) men who are furious after the cop allegedly proposed love to them.

Sibusiso Mabuza, an alleged husband to the police officer who is a Private Detective told this Swaziland News that,he discovered evidence in his wife’s cellphone where she was proposing love to different men while the other evidence suggests that, Nsibande was dating other men.

“After reading the messages and listening to the audios,I discovered that it is actually my wife who is proposing love to these men and when I contacted them,they cooperated very well and shared more evidence. Some even said they don’t want her because female police officers are abusive and assault their boyfriends.One of the men even referred to the recent article from the Swaziland News where a police officer was seen assaulting his boyfriend. So far I have more than five(5) men and four(4) of them have suggested a peaceful meeting to discuss the matter. I have spoken to Mtshali,Dlamini, Khumalo,Vilakati and Mr Lwindi, Khumalo is an Engineer for the King’s Private Jets and is one of those who have been cooperating, I might meet him today(Friday) afternoon.Vilakati suggested that another meeting must be held on Tuesday to discuss the conduct of my wife because she even lied that her boss wanted to sleep with her for favors yet that is not true, she is the one who likes men and I have evidence including audios.You see as men we are going through a lot and then accused of being abusive towards women,imagine I am financially taking care of this woman together with her two(2) children fathered by Prince Mphiwa Dlamini and one day I caught her with the baby-dad. I was carrying a gun that day but I controlled my emotions. When I tried to divorce her,she cried and apologized so, now I want to meet all these men so I can take a decision”, said the husband when speaking to editor Zweli Martin Dlamini.

When asked if Prince Mphiwa Dlamini who was caught with his wife is the one working for the King, the Private Detective clarified that, “it’s not the King’s Protocol Officer” but another Phiwa.

“That one is Prince Mphiwa Dlamini,Prince is his other name and he is a Dlamini, it’s not the Protocol Officer”, he said.

Efforts to reach the female police officer for a comment proved unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report.

But audio messages in possession of this Swaziland News substantiates that,the police officer was proposing love to different men and in one of the audios,Khumalo is heard telling the cop what exactly she wanted from him.

After this publication exposed Prisca Mavuso assaulting her boyfriend Nathi Dlamini this week, men on social media complained that, women are abusing them even emotionally and even financially and then play victim in the eyes of the world.

On another note,the Private Detective told this publication on Friday afternoon that, he doesn’t support Gender Based Violence(GBV) but, will collect statements from the men allegedly proposed by his wife and add to the evidence of those she “dates before taking a decision whether to continue with the marriage or not”.

Nonhlanhla Dlamini, the Executive Director of the Eswatini Action Group Against Abuse(SWAGAA) condemned the ongoing abuse against men adding that,as an organization, they have many cases where men were allegedly abused by women.

“As SWAGAA,we received calls,people were calling asking what are we doing about the officer who assaulted his boyfriend.I hope even the Executive Command will take action,abuse should be discouraged regardless of the gender”, said the SWAGAA Director.

Sikhuphe Airport four(4)men proposed by cheating ‘married’ police officer to hold meeting with husband,say they want to expose her and avoid Gender Based Violence as female cops assault men.
Lungile Pholile Nsibande will be a subject of discussions next week to prevent Gender Based Violence.