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Montigny Investments urges public to prevent and urgently report forest fires to protect jobs and economy.

Saturday, 29th June, 2024

BHUNYA:The month of June normally marks the beginning of Montigny's fire season,a period in which the company doubles down on its efforts towards fire risks prevention across its forest’s plantations, Sihle Mavuso,the Montigny Investments Spokesperson told this Swaziland News.

Mavuso said internally,the company has maximized its fire prevention output through dedicated fire teams comprising of trained foresters,fire crews,forest rangers and contractors,all continuously working together across the various company sectors. 

“SAPS are strategically allotted zones in which all fire resources are placed as a proactive and coordinated fire control measure during high wind/FDI conditions.A continuously looped fire support system is readily available to allow members of the public to report fires and other related matters at all times.The control room 3344 hotline (Toll Free) serves as a dedicated fire incident reporting hub 24/7, as well as being the forest access control center where permits are issued for access to the various services and facilities in the forests,” he said.

The Montigny Investments Spokesperson said,Forest Guards also provide a “human contact” port for all fire and community related matters.

“Communities are inextricably aligned with the company’s fire prevention strategy, especially those within the milieu of the company’s day to day operations.The company especially engages neighbouring communities through various initiatives and programmes, with the sole objective to raise and spread awareness about fire safety practices.Fire report incentives,youth sports programmes (schools’ athletics,No fire sports games) and community fire awareness roadshows are all grassroot forums purported towards the collective mass awareness campaign on fire prevention”, said the Montigny Spokesperson.

Mavuso further mentioned that,the company “has strengthened strategic partnerships with entities such as the national police and fire emergency services”, along with other sector(peer) organizations.He said this also served as the baseline for an integrated fire prevention platform nationwide and of course,across the forestry sector.

“The company further appeals to members of the public for cooperation and support as it ventures into this year’s fire prevention efforts.Members of the public are also urged to practice safe fire practices as according to the national grass fire act,and to use the 3344 toll free line(local communities)and national fire emergency number 933(nationwide) to report fires”,he said.

Montigny Investments urges public to prevent and urgently report forest fires to protect jobs and economy.
Montigny Investments urges public prevent and urgently report forest fires to protect jobs and economy.