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IMMIGRATION RECORDS REVEAL:Jacob Zuma’s daughter Nomcebo Zuma(21) who might marry King Mswati frequented eSwatini before “kucela” family meeting, allegedly booked in a Guest House.

Monday, 8th July, 2024

MBABANE:Nomcebo Zuma(21),the daughter to former South African President Jacob Zuma was frequenting eSwatini before King Mswati allegedly sent his traditionalists to meet the Zuma family about two(2) weeks ago and present ten(10) cattle as part of “kucela” customary practice.

“Kucela” is a siSwati word and in context,it means seeking permission from the elders,parents or guardians before marrying their daughter.

An investigation conducted by this Swaziland News uncovered immigration records suggesting that,Nomcebo Zuma was frequently visiting eSwatini from 13th March 2024 through the Lavumisa and Oshoek-Ngwenya boarder gates.

The records further suggest that Nomcebo Zuma now spends most of her time in the Kingdom of eSwatini.

The immigration records disclose that,Nomcebo Zuma would arrive and spend three(3) weeks before returning to her home country-South Africa to spend two(2) or four(4) days more and travel back to eSwatini again.

But about a month ago,the immigration records suggest that,the alleged King’s Liphovela arrived in the country and a few weeks later,the King allegedly sent his traditionalists to seek permission from the Zuma family in KwaZulu-Natal so he can marry his alleged Liphovela.

In siSwati “Liphovela” is an official girlfriend to the King who is about to be married and join the royal family.

State security officers who are part of the King’s Intelligence Unit told this Swaziland News this week that,the alleged King’s Liphovela “is booked in one of the Guest Houses” and looking foward to participate in the upcoming uMhlanga Ceremony.

The name of the Guest House where the alleged King’s Liphovela is booked is known to this journalist but cannot be revealed for security reasons.

“She is fine and seems to be deeply in love with the King despite her father’s reluctance towards the proposed marriage”, said one of the King’s Intelligence Officers.

Reached for comments by this Swaziland News on Friday,King’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane said he was not aware of the proposed marriage between King Mswati and Zuma’s daughter.

“We are not aware of any pointers to that effect”,said the King’s Spokesperson.

Efforts to reach the former President’s Spokesperson proved unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report.

As reported by this publication earlier,it is alleged that,about two(2) weeks ago,former South African President Jacob Zuma snubbed a family meeting organized for the “kucela” customary practice.

The former South African Head of State is alleged to have refused to attend the family meeting,as he felt betrayed by his ‘friend’.

Mswati,an absolute Monarch and polygamist with over fifteen(15) wives,is alleged to have first told Jacob Zuma that,the daughter will be married by one of his sons to which Zuma agreed but,the King subsequently changed his mind seeking to ‘take’ Nomcebo Zuma for himself.

But even though the former South African President was allegedly reluctant and further snubbed the family meeting,Nomcebo Zuma’s mother MaMhlongo “is alleged to have expressed happiness” during the family meeting,describing the proposed marriage between her daughter and the eSwatini King as a blessing.

Zuma and MaMhlongo were not legally married but they have children.

On another note,royal insiders told this publication that,King Mswati is highly expected to formally introduce his Liphovela to his mother,Queen Indlovukazi Ntombi Tfwala as part of Customary Law before the uMhlanga Ceremony next month.

IMMIGRATION RECORDS REVEAL:Jacob Zuma’s daughter Nomcebo Zuma(21) who might marry King Mswati frequented eSwatini before “kucela” family meeting, allegedly booked in a Guest House.
Nomcebo Zuma(photo:supplied).