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ANALYSIS:King Mswati must address scarcity of jobs for the benefit of all emaSwati,offering employment only for those who scream and throw themselves at him not the solution.

Tuesday, 9th July, 2024

It is now clear that,the Tinkhundla regime is now manipulating the plight of emaSwati amid the scarcity of jobs to promote and portray King Mswati as a life saver.

In a country where about 70% of the population lives below the poverty,emaSwati started by visiting Ludzidzini Palace for Sibaya or national events and thereafter,they would scramble for food because a majority of the citizens in this country,hardly afford a decent meal.

Now, poor emaSwati have adopted a strategy to scream and throw themselves on King Mswati with the hope that,depending on his mood that particular day,he might issue an order offering them employment.

But this is not how a country is run,the duty of a Government among others,is to develop policies that seeks to create a conducive environment for both Domestic and Foreign Direct Investments(FDIs) to create jobs and enhance economic development.

As a Head of State,King Mswati must understand that,the consistent conduct of young people who scream and threw themselves at him while begging for jobs,are actually the effects of the ongoing unemployment crisis.

In this country,we have graduates who are languishing within their homes without jobs,all of them must visit the King at Lozitha Palace and ask for jobs?.

Government must create jobs for the youth,employing one Liswati who was lucky to get the attention of the King does not solve the entire unemployment crisis.

But at least King Mswati kept his promise this time,Gabsile Mavuso who screamed upon seeing him will get employment in the eSwatini Government thanks to the Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Thulisile Dladla who made a follow-up and implemented the King’s order.

Screaming to the King and subsequently secure employment in Government without passing or going through interviews is creating a bad precedent,employment should be based on skills or qualifications not mere screams to one man who holds absolute power with intend to control everything in this country.

But having said that,what the King did to the poor woman is really appreciated,we can criticize but changing the life of one Liswati is highly appreciated but we cannot turn a blind eye to those who are struggling to secure jobs.

EmaSwati are financially struggling in this country and,a majority those who are working are earning peanuts.

Therefore,changing the life of one Liswati means Gabsile Mavuso’s entire family will have a decent meal.

Prime Minister(PM) Russell Mmiso Dlamini must learn from the King,Russell visited Mankayane before the King’s birthday and street vendor Thabo Sibandze presented him with sweets.

Sibandze dropped out of the University of Eswatini(UNESWA) due to shortage of funds,he met the PM and his life never changed for the better.

Sibandze was happy to see the Prime Minister but the PM did not offer any help despite the fact that, Sibandze dropped out of the University because of a regime that is failing to offer scholarships to deserving students.

Your Excellency, the Prime Minister, please remember Thabo Sibandze who presented you with sweets,even if you assist him through the Government Youth Funds to grow his business so he can pay tuition fees,you could have changed his life.

But as mentioned, Government must create jobs for the youth,helping a few individuals will not solve the problem,we need a vibrant economy for the benefit of all emaSwati.

ANALYSIS:King Mswati must address scarcity of jobs for the benefit of all emaSwati,offering employment only for those who scream and throw themselves at him not the solution.
King Mswati(pic: Gov).