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King Mswati to officially open alleged multibillion drugs shortage thief Ashraff’s Swazi Paper Mills, Spokesperson Percy Simelane says operations of the law won’t be affected.

Tuesday, 9th July, 2024

MBABANE:King Mswati is highly expected to,for the first time since the multibillion health crisis scandal erupted,accept an invitation to officially open or tour a company allegedly owned by SwaziPharm Director Kareem Ashraff,the Swazi Paper Mills Limited.

Kareem Ashraff,an influential,powerful and politically connected Indonesian Consular,allegedly purchased the Swazi Paper Mills Limited situated in the densely populated Matsapha Industrial Site from Shan Mohamed Anis of the Sharma Group. 

The politically connected businessman,stands accused of looting billions within the Ministry of Health,resulting to the shortage of drugs in public hospitals and the subsequent death of hundreds of patients.

Mswati has been avoiding to meet or publicly associate himself with Ashraff allegedly,to avoid public criticism but,this Swaziland News has reliably gathered that, the King “is preparing to officially open” Ashraff’s Swazi Paper Mills Limited on Wednesday.

Reached for comments by this Swaziland News on Tuesday evening,King Mswati’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane clarified that,the official opening or touring of the company by the King won’t influence the operations of the law enforcement agencies.

“Eswatini has very clear policies on the operation of the law enforcement agents,strong enough not to be intimidated by power.As a journalist myself,I once covered incidents where police officers had arrested their Commissioner,a Prime Minister and another Police Commissioner.The same applies to our courts.By law,they are independent and they hand down judgements professionally.This has earned Eswatini’s Judges respect internationally.Some of them are holding global Judiciary related positions”,said the King’s Spokesperson.

Swazi Paper Mills Limited Director Kareem Ashraff declined to comment when reached by this publication.

On another note,Kareem Ashraff is alleged to have been behind the decision to ban plastics to strengthen and protect his Swazi Paper Mills Limited business interests.

It is alleged that,even though the banning of plastics carrier bags was part of a global agenda to protect the environment,Ashraff allegedly activated his Cabinet network to urgently implement the decision to ban plastics so that,his Swazi Paper Mills Limited could strive in business through the supply of environmental friendly paper bags.

The decision to urgently ban plastics carrier bags was allegedly influenced by Ashraff’s alleged friend Prime Minister(PM) Russell Mmiso Dlamini and implemented by Tourism and Environmental Affairs Minister Jane Mkhonta-Simelane subsequent to a Cabinet resolution.

But climate-change activists and environmental preservation organizations including Yibutse Green Action,welcomed the Cabinet decision to ban plastics.

Speaking to this publication earlier,Musa Ndlangamandla,the Executive Director of Yibutse Green Action thanked the Environmental Affairs Minister for the Cabinet decision that banned plastic carrier bags,Ndlangamandla said,the decision was long overdue. 

“It’s true that some will be affected by this decision but it will go a long way in protecting the environment”, said the Yibutse Green Action Executive Director.

Subsequent to the banning of plastics,Kareem Ashraff’s Swazi Paper Mills Limited that is highly expected to be officially opened or toured by the King on Wednesday “is now better positioned” to generate millions through the supply of paper bags.

King Mswati to officially open alleged multibillion drugs shortage thief Ashraff’s Swazi Paper Mills, Spokesperson Percy Simelane says operations of the law won’t be affected.
Swazi Paper Mills Limited ariel view(pic: Paper Mills).