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Ex-Police boss Senator Isaac Magagula wants freedom of expression stopped on on social media.

Friday, 30th October, 2020

LOBAMBA: Senator Isaac Magagula, the former National Commissioner who was implicated in the police finger-prints scandal has urged government to speed-up the process of enacting laws that will undermine freedom of expression particularly on social media.

Speaking in Parliament, the Senator expressed concerns that the matter has been raised several times but stakeholders said they have no control over social media. Worth noting is that Magagula used to send heavily armed police officers to grab  independent newspaper copies in the various shops including publications from South Africa that reported critical stories about his political allies.

After the emergence and growing popularity of online platforms, the then  National Commissioner allegedly deployed police officers on social media to threaten citizens who are critical about his administration and the country’s political system via their Facebook in-boxes, some were threatened with death and arrests. 

On Friday, Senator Isaac Magagula was quoted by the Eswatini Observer expressing huge disappointment that what is discussed on social media cannot be controlled, he said the platforms were being abused.

“How will the abuse be avoided in hindsight that the matter has been raised with stakeholders and the response was that there is no control over what is posted on social media” said the Senator.

But Brian Sangweni, the Spokesperson of the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO) warned the Senator and government that they must not to run away from transparency and accountability by targeting social media.

“This is the only platform where people exercise their right to freedom of expression as per the provisions of the Constitution. The Senator should be seen protecting the Constitutional right to freedom of expression instead of running away from transparency and accountability, government can also follow debates on social media to understand what the people want” said the PUDEMO Spokesperson.

Isaac Magagula, the then National Commissioner of Police was recently exposed by this Swaziland News after leaked documents from the Police Headquarters implicated him in the finger-prints scandal, he allegedly colluded with senior police officer to delete finger-prints and or criminal records from the government computer systems with the intention of employing convicted criminals in the police service.

Ex-Police boss Senator Isaac Magagula wants freedom of expression stopped  on on social media.
Senator Isaac Magagula the former National Commissioner of Police