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Prince Masitsela: Dlamini's are ruling on behalf of God, we are taking good care of the Nation

Sunday, 1st November, 2020

MBABANE: Prince Masitsela, a senior member of the royal family has once again repeated his sentiments suggesting that the Dlaminis(the royal family) are ruling eSwatini on behalf of God who gave them the country, he disputed the allegation regarding the existence of Dlaminism.

Political parties are banned in eSwatini and most powerful positions are occupied by close royal family members and their relatives who were appointed by King Mswati.

Lidwala Insurance Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Sandile Dlamini who had earlier tried to fight corruption within the Public Service Pension Fund(PSPF) while he was the CEO of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority(FSRA) had warned that the country will not succeed in fighting corruption until it get rid of Dlaminism. This was after information emerged that royal linked companies were looting the Pension Fund through loans that were never repaid, an investigation by the FSRA under the administration of Sandile Dlamini was stopped by Cabinet.

But Prince Masitsela when speaking to the Times Sunday wondered why people make mockery of the royal family saying it was taking good care of them.

"How could people make a mockery of us when we take such good care of them? Who is this person who doesn't know that everyone belongs to the King" said the Prince who maintained that the country was given to them by God. 

Swaziland(eSwatini) a tiny Kingdom situated in the Southern parts of Africa has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, however, King Mswati is counted among the richest Monarchies in the world.

The King holds shares in telecoms companies, tourism, agriculture particularly the multi-billion sugar industry and the properties among others. Tibiyo TakaNgwane, a investment company that was established by the people was grabbed by the King, its now handles multi-billion investments to sustain the extravagant lifestyle of the King and members of the royal family.

Prince Masitsela: Dlamini's are ruling on behalf of God, we are taking good care of the Nation
Prince Masitsela