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Political parties question thinking capacity of Minister Cruser for parading collapsing Tinkhundla system

Wednesday, 9th December, 2020

MBABANE: Pius Vilakati, the Information and Publicity Officer at the Communist Party Of Swaziland (CPS)  has questioned the thinking capacity of David Cruiser Ngcamphalala who was quoted by the Times of eSwatini having said South African citizens were eager to know more about the Tinkhundla system of governance.

Speaking during an interview with this publication Vilakati said the Minister of Tinkhundla Administration  has lost his thinking capacity by defending an indefensible system of governance.

“South Africans know the Tinkhundla system very well, they live with Swazis who had to leave the country to work in South Africa out of extreme desperation. South Africans have witnessed Mswati’s immense riches while the poor sank deeper into poverty, they have seen the Prime Minister escaping from the country to seek medical attention in South Africa while the people continue to die under a collapsed health care system.Ngcamphalala has lost all of his thinking capacity to defend the indefensible Tinkhundla system”, he said.

When reached for comments, Lucky Lukhele the spokesperson for the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) said the majority of South Africans support democracy and those who admire the Tinkhundla system are insane.

“Cruiser is suffering from the lack of political understanding, the African National Congress (ANC) is very clear in its resolutions, it is calling for democracy in Swaziland, even other progressive parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Democratic Alliance (DA) have also called for the same. Any progressive or sane person will never want to understand this system of governance unless it’s the right wing elements like the Freedom Front Plus (FFP) and the AfriForum that went to Swaziland to talk about the land question that is currently taking place in South Africa” said the SSN Spokesperson.

Speaking to this publication, Mbongiseni Shabangu  the Swaziland Democratic Party (SWADEPA) Secretary General said the Minister was a blind loyalist to the system.

“Cruiser worked for the system from when he was a police officer, so he is a blind loyalist to the system, he forgets that change is inevitable. He should be using his position as a minister to usher in democratic reforms so he could still be relevant”, said the SWADEPA Secretary General.

Political parties question thinking capacity of Minister Cruser for parading  collapsing Tinkhundla system
Tinkhundla Minister David Cruser Ngcamphalala