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MP Bacede’s assassination plot: Police by the day, criminals by the night.

Friday, 11th December, 2020

The media reports suggesting that gunshots were fired as thugs invaded the home of Sifiso Mabuza, the brother of Hosea Member of Parliament Mduduzi 'Bacede' Mabuza might be part of a political strategy to assassinate the MP who has proven to be vocal and influential in Parliament.
Firstly, it is important for the Nation to know that police in this country sometimes collaborate with dangerous criminals to kill people and later pretend to be investigating, they know that as days, weeks, and years pass, the public will then forget about that case and focus on other issues particularly in such oppressive environment where the media is controlled. But the secret hit squad sometimes went as far as arresting the suspects just to cloud the public opinion so they can be seen to be doing something, however those police 'hit men' secrets normally get bail even if they are facing other separate serious criminals cases and that would be the end.
I was surprised one day when National Commissioner William Dlamini called me on my mobile phone, he was trying to explain his relationship with one of the country's dangerous 'hit man', this was after the Intelligence Unit told him that I was doing a story that linked him those ‘hit men’ whom he sent to intimidate and demand a refund from Ontime Investment Director Machawe Gama.
I later realised that his main worry was the fact that he wasn’t sure how I will publish that information because I am not the journalist who is controlled by the State.
Actually, the National Commissioner was trying to put me on his pocket, we may be both Dlaminis but I will be failing in my duties as a journalist if I can keep quiet with such information and allow the police to assassinate an MP and other innocent citizens, some police in this country are linked to criminals and this include their boss William Dlamini.
But the Nation should know that the police are working for King Mswati, there’s a hit squad in the country that is protecting the system by targeting vocal citizens with different views even Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi Simelane is not safe from this regime because of his motions and submissions that seeks to protect the people, we might need the assistance of the International Criminal Court(ICC) to investigate and prosecute agents of this regime for crimes against humanity.
Now, the media reports suggesting that thugs invaded the home of the MP's brother might be a political strategy to cloud the public opinion that the lives of the MP and his younger brother are in danger from unknown thugs so that by the time the MP is assassinated, the public will assume it was a normal killing by criminals who were targeting him and his brother.
We have intelligence agents in this country who were trained on assassination and this include killing people through well planned car accidents hence MP Bacede was so lucky to survive that accident.
As citizens of this country, we need to keep our eyes wide open, we are now living in a country ruled through mafiarism and we have lost many Swazis who were murdered and the Nation remain ignorant because the captured media is restricted from exposing this regime and the police. The captured press normally give police the PRO huge mileage to deny everything and lie to the public and I am asking myself, what kind of a media is this that side with the oppressor in the midst of human rights violations?
The truth of the matter is that MP Bacede Mabuza and his brother are being monitored by the police and there are secret plots to kill them particularly the MP who recently survived a car accident.
Perhaps the National Commissioner of Police should tell the Nation how many times Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane and other police officers from the Tingcungculu Unit secretly visited the various homes of Sifiso Mabuza at night looking for him in the past weeks, what exactly is their mandate and how can a homestead that is consistently visited by law enforcers be mysteriously invaded by armed thugs?
Well, I will briefly share my experience on a similar incident and how the police operate, few weeks before the law enforcement raided my home in February, I was followed by different cars from the Police Intelligence Unit. At some point, I followed one of the cars that had camped near my home monitoring my movements, it went straight to the Matsapha Police College, even though I could see my life was in danger, didn't open any case with the police, it was pointless to report criminals to other criminals, instead I shared the information with other international journalists so they could know what exactly was happening.
Thereafter, a Mercedes Benz with South African registration numbers camped in the Mdzimba Mountains next to road connecting Ezulwini and Lamgabhi Etiyeni, it was around 11pm and the police wanted to gather information if I had spent the night at my home.
We still investigating the circumstances surrounding the car accident involving the MP, we are not the captured media that is easily fooled by the police to push their dirty political assassinations and we believe the truth will be revealed on what is really happening, our aim is to expose all those involved.
Two weeks ago, I was speaking to a journalist from the United States about the multi-billion dagga deal by Stem Holdings and King Mswati and it’s clear that MP Bacede Mabuza is seen as a threat to the multi-billion deal that was facilitated by government on behalf of royalty and one wonders if it is now a crime for an MP to speak for the people in Parliament. The dagga deals are not only involving King Mswati but many politicians, members of the various political syndicates and loyalists of the system are eyeing those deals through sub-contracts, this means, any MP who oppose this cannabis deals automatically touches a huge syndicate.
But what is the significance of electing MPs under this system if vocal MPs and their families will be targeted by people who are police by the day and criminals by the night?
But then, in conclusion and to my understanding, MP Bacede was elected by the people and when he arrived in Parliament he became a national MP speaking for all eMaswati particularly on the dagga issue, the Nation and the international community must keep a close eye on these dangerous police agents who are plotting his assassination, however, it should be noted that, anything that might happen, King Mswati must account at international level because he is the head of the mafia.
MP Bacede’s assassination plot: Police by the day, criminals by the night.
MP Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza who survived a car accident