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King Mswati must be reported to the International Criminal Court(ICC) for Incwala COVID-19 deaths.

Friday, 1st January, 2021

King Mswati who hosted the Incwala ritual ceremony in the midst of the COVID-19 second wave must be reported to the International Criminal Court(ICC) for crimes against humanity.

Crime against humanity, an offense in the international criminal law that was adopted in the Charter of International Military Tribunal and subsequently incorporated into the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court consists of various acts of murder, torture, persecution and enslavement among others, however, there’s sufficient evidence suggesting that King Mswati manipulated culture for his own superstitious beliefs to expose the Eswatini Nation to mass COVID-19 related deaths.

The conduct of King Mswati amounts to crimes against humanity in that he first looted public resources resulting to the non-availability of drugs in hospitals after government failed to pay suppliers, unleashed State security agents to torture and kill political activists, his intention was to instill fear among the citizens so that they can continue worshipping him even when he exposes the whole Nation to the deadly COVID-19, this justifies an international investigation on possible charges for crimes against humanity.

It is of paramount importance to note that the King has been intentionally killing the people by exposing them to extreme poverty as he continues to loot tax-payers money so that the citizens can remain poor and be submissive to him. He has been using the State owned media to mislead the world that these citizens love him when in actual fact most of these people are suffering of mind slavery, by living below the poverty line for so many years they have accepted their conditions as a normal life and every year, they attend such ceremonies just to get food.

We cannot claim that these people love the King because by living below the poverty line, they cannot make independent decisions whether to attend or not but their hungry stomachs drive them there, some were employed in government for being loyal to the King by attending these ceremonies and they forced to be seen participating as insurance for their jobs.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed King Mswati for the whole world to see that he doesn’t care for the people such that he exposed the Nation to the deadly CoronaVirus just to perform rituals at the time when our health system has collapsed.

As more citizens including high profile people die of COVID-19, we are now witnessing the ‘silent’ genocide perpetrated by the King, who looted public resources resulting to the collapse of the health system, after the Incwala ritual ceremony, more people will die as the regiments will come back and spread the CoronaVirus to their families and the whole Nation.

But then as mentioned, we need to understand that in a country where about 70% of the population lives below the poverty line, most citizens found themselves having to choose whether they stay at home to avoid exposing themselves to COVID-19 and die due to hunger or attend the Incwala ritual ceremony and get food while risking contracting the virus, that’s the sad reality.

King Mswati must be reported to the International Criminal Court(ICC) for Incwala COVID-19 deaths.
King Mswati during Incwala ceremony