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Jabulani Nxumalo disassociates himself from controversial workers union siding with employers

Thursday, 7th January, 2021

MBABANE: Jabulani Nxumalo, the former Deputy Secretary General of the now defunct Swaziland Federation of Trade Union(SFTU) has disassociated himself with the controversial Swazi Economic Improvement Workers Union(SEIWU) that has been widely criticized for disregarding the rights of workers and side with employers.

Nxumalo when responding to questions from editor Zweli Martin Dlamini after being approached to respond on a matter involving UMOBA(PTY) LTD employees who were fired for joining a union said he know nothing about he matter and issues involving SEIWU.

“I am not involved in anyway in the matter you talking about, CMAC know the contacts of all the parties who were involved in the matter” he said.

But when the editor sent him a screenshot of his picture and comments in SEIWU’s website where he was listed as the union’s PRO and asked him to clarify, Nxumalo asked the editor to question the people who listed him as their PRO that website.

“There nothing to clarify(sic). Kindly contact the source that listed me as PRO in that website. I\'m something else, in our great and SEIWU and FESWATU, but not PRO.That position and Principles espoused/expressed /stated in that website is what SEIWU & FESWATU are, we and shall always, stand by that stance, Martin. But, I\'m not the PRO” he said.

Efforts to reach Mashumi Shongwe, the SEIWU President proved unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report.

Even though Nxumalo disassociated himself with the controversial union, it is public knowledge that he attended meetings organized by the International Labour Organisation(ILO) in Geneva representing SEIWU.

The union has been heavily criticised for ignoring the labour issues affecting workers who are their members and side with employers. It is alleged that most companies encourage their workers to join SEIWU, a union that discourage employees from engaging in strike actions.

Jabulani Nxumalo disassociates himself from controversial workers union siding with employers
Jabulani Nxumalo listed as PRO in SEIWU website