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Ex-Times Sunday writer appeals for financial assistance to raise E1million for a lung transplant operation

Sunday, 10th January, 2021

MBABANE:Sakhile Hlatjwako (28), a former Times of eSwatini writer and Pulmonary Hypertension patient  is seeking  financial assistance  to the tune of E 1 million to undergo a lung transplant operation in South Africa.

Speaking during an interview with this Swaziland News, Hlatjwako said she was suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension and desperately needs to raise at least E 1million to undergo a lung transplant operation.

Pulmonary Hypertension is a type of high blood pressure that affects the blood vessels in a person’s lungs, where they become hard and narrow such that the heart works harder to pump the blood through, resulting to the lack of oxygen in the body.

“I used to suffer from breathing problems since childhood, and I was subsequently diagnosed with asthma. My condition worsened 5 years ago after graduating from the University and that’s when I was diagnosed with the disease. As I speak, I’m now breathing through the assistance of an oxygen machine since my lung capacity has deteriorated to 27% and I’m also vulnerable to COVID 19\" she said.

The former Eswatini Times Sunday columnist revealed that she was now making a living as a writing consultant and motivational storyteller and most of her medical bills are sponsored by Good Samaritans.

Reached for comments, Dr Vusi Magagula the Director of Health said people with medical conditions that cannot be treated in the country can be transferred to South African hospitals through the Phalala Fund.

“Such patients can be assisted through the Phalala Fund but she would need a doctor’s clearance.  She needs to go to hospital and get her condition assessed so she can be cleared to benefit from the fund,” he said.

But this publication gathered that most patients who were expected to benefit from the Phalala Fund are grounded as government\'s financial challenges worsen.

Those who would like to offer any kind of help may contact her on 7662 6367.

Ex-Times Sunday writer appeals for financial assistance to raise E1million for a lung transplant operation
Ex-Times writer Sakhile Hlatjwako