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Princess Sikhanyiso: I will still be on top.

Monday, 11th January, 2021

MBABANE: Princess Sikhanyiso, the first born daughter of King Mswati who earns over E60,000.00 salary for doing nothing after boycotting her Cabinet duties pending the removal of the late Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini says she will continue to be top.
The Information Communication and Technology(ICT) Minister sent Whatsap messages to this journalist on Sunday night maintaining that she will remain on top against all odds. This was after being asked to comment in a story where she stands accused of using taxpayers money to built herself a home at Sigcineni, the interior of her golden decorated house is estimated to cost over E1.5milliom according to documentary evidence in our possession. But the ICT Minister was quick to delete some of the messages where she was blasting this journalist.
“And I will still come on top because he who is with me greater than he that is against me” said the Princess.
The first born daughter of the King boycotted her duties in November 2019 after she defiantly went on leave without Cabinet approval, since then, she has been receiving a salary for doing nothing. This was in the midst of a power-struggle with the late Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini where the Princess claimed she was the third most senior person in the country.
On or around December 2020, this Swaziland News reported that the Princess bought a Mercedes Benz worth over E600,000.00 for her military boyfriend Khayelihle Patrick Dlamini.
Princess Sikhanyiso: I will still be on top.
Princess Sikhanyiso