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Ngwempisi MP urges Finance Minister to reduce royal budget, pays E400.00 monthly grant to all unemployed citizens.

Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021

MBABANE: Mthandeni Dube, the Ngwempisi Member of Parliament(MP) has urged Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg to reduce the royal budget and introduce at least E400.00 monthly grant for all unemployed citizens in the country.

Speaking to this Swaziland News on Tuesday, the Honorable MP said resources of this country were enough to pay the E400.00 grant to all citizens who were still looking for jobs including E1,500.00 monthly grant for the elderly and disabled, he accused the Minister of prioritising royalty while neglecting the people.

“Our resources as a country are enough to pay the E400.00 monthly grant for unemployed citizens, this money will help them to buy basic necessities of life while they look for jobs. Furthermore, the citizens will use the very same grants to buy groceries in the various shops hence the money will come back and boost the economy. The elderly and disabled grants should be increased to at least E1500.00 monthly, we are a small country with enough resources to take care of the people it’s just that more money goes to the royal family” ,he said.

The Ngwempisi MP said the payment of the grants to the unemployed citizens would further assist in easing the burden from the working class particularly civil servants who are now struggling financially because they are expected to take care and feed  extended family members back home.

“As the situation stands, even those who are working are struggling financially because they use their salaries to feed extended family members, this E400.00 will help in easing the burden from their shoulders. The payment system of the unemployed grants should be structured in a manner that those who secure employment will then be removed from the list of beneficiaries”, he said.

The vocal MP further mentioned that the E230million that was previously budgeted  to build a shelter for the King’s private jets should be put on hold adding that more money must be directed to the needs of the people.

Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg is expected to deliver his budget speech in the next few weeks after the official opening of Parliament ,efforts were made by this publication to contact him so he can respond on this matter, however, he had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

Ngwempisi MP urges Finance Minister to reduce royal budget, pays E400.00 monthly grant to all unemployed citizens.
MP Mthandeni Dube urges Finance Minister to introduce unemployed grants