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National COVID-19 prayer: No medication for citizens in Eswatini hospitals, Home Affairs Minister survives Coronavirus in a South African hospital.

Thursday, 18th February, 2021

MBABANE: Princess Lindiwe, the wife of Bishop Robert Kasaro of the politically connected Jesus Calls Worship Centre who is currently facilitating a national prayer on behalf of King Mswati to fight  COVID-19 resumed her Cabinet duties a few days ago after surviving the Coronavirus in a South African hospital.

The sentiments of the Minister who said he was commanded by the King came at a time when health workers were expecting government to provide working equipment in the various hospitals including COVID-19 vaccines, however the King announced a national fasting and prayer.

Reached for comments, Bheki Mamba, the President of the Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union(SWADNU) said the role of the State in the midst of the pandemic was to provide the necessary equipment like the vaccination of the population.

“We have not been provided with research that fasting can get us out of the pandemic in any event it can cause serious repercussions to those who are sick. Our view which is supported by research information is that investment in adequate human resource,drugs, test kits and PPE remains the only remedy in dealing with the pandemic. Our people have always been praying in the comfort of their homes since govt has banned gatherings and we so much value and appreciate that but that is not the role of the state. The role of the state in this situation is to provide all necessities like the vaccination of the population as opposed to prayer”,said the nurses union President.

On or around 7th January 2021, this Swaziland News reported that Lindiwe Fortunate Dlamini, the Minister of Home Affairs and Bishop Robert Kasaro crossed the border to receive COVID-19 medical treatment on the night of 05 January 2021, they were  driven in a Mercedes Benz registered USD 656 CH.

The Minister subsequently announced a national prayer shortly after surviving the Coronavirus, however the country experienced over 600 confirmed deaths, critics blame the government for collapsing the health system.

"Let us go back to the Lord, He will heal  our land. ( Hosea 6:1). Prayer items are: Arresting  the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic; National  healing &restoration from the devastating effects of COVID-19; Economic recovery &national  prosperity as well as God’s mercy &forgiveness to us as individuals & as a Nation" , said the Minister  on behalf of King Mswati.

National COVID-19 prayer: No medication for citizens in Eswatini hospitals, Home Affairs Minister survives Coronavirus in a South African hospital.
Home Affairs Minister Princess Lindiwe