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King Mswati confirms testing positive to COVID-19 after hosting Incwala ritual ceremony

Friday, 19th February, 2021

LOBAMBA: King Mswati III has confirmed testing positive to COVID-19, this was shortly after hosting the Incwala ritual ceremony earlier this year that was attended by members of the regiments.

Addressing the Nation on Friday during the opening of the 3rd session of the 11th Parliament, the King said he was saved by a Chinese anti-bacterial drug adding that he has since instructed government to procure the drug immediately.

“I discovered this medicine after testing positive myself on the first week of January this year, I’m grateful to the President of the Republic of China on Taiwan for sending through this drug  to help treat me. I do believe that my testing positive to the virus was to bring to light the discovery of this treatment, we have instructed government to procure this drug immediately. The protocol of this drug is 10 days while the COVID 19 protocol is 2 weeks, so I had to stay in hospital after the 10 days to be cleared after the two weeks”, he said.

King Mswati is suspected to have contracted the virus during the Incwala ceremony which began around December last year and ended in January this year. The virus later claimed several high profile figures including Ministers who had attended the Incwala ritual ceremony.

King Mswati confirms testing positive to COVID-19 after hosting Incwala ritual ceremony
King Mswati